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Clever cartoon showing that Marriage for Same-Sex couples and their equality is in our future. Thank goodness!. 31 Aug Q: How many Republican politicians can you fit in the closet? A: Evidently, all of them. It's gone past ridiculous and straight to the absurd. At this point, it appears your average public restroom has more gay Republicans in it than clean handtowels. The “holier-than-thou” party has spent an awful lot of time on. 3 May A new animated video posted on the official Jehovah's Witnesses website has an anti-gay message for kids: LGBT people "can change" who they are. Never mind the fact that Jesus never said anything about same-sex love or same-sex unions (let alone the fact that he never condemned either).

Posted by John on Aug 31, in Articles comments. How many Republican politicians can you fit in the closet? Evidently, all of them. At this point, it appears your average public restroom has more gay Republicans in it than clean handtowels. But why question it? So I give you the top five republican gay sex scandals of Click here past 12 months.

Sending sexually laced, gramatically challenged instant messages and e-mails to teenaged boys in the Congressional page program for more than 10 years. One of the foremost opponents of child pornography in the Senate. Leader of the National Association of Evangelicals November A powerful force in the evangelical movement, Haggard participated in weekly meetings with President George Bush and top advisors where he gave spiritual advice.

He taught that homosexuality was an abomination and actively lobbied against gay rights. Allen was one of 21 Florida legislators to sign Gov. Murphy got a fellow Young Republican drunk and then spent the night at his house. The other young man woke up in the middle of the night to find Murphy giving him mouth-to-penis resuscitation. After this incident, a sexual battery report here to light in which Murphy was alleged to have done the exact same thing.

Murphy was a well-paid political consultant for Republican candidates and often advised them to use gay marriage as a wedge issue to paint their opponents as out of touch with traditional values.

Unfortunately, the Young Republicans took down all of their videos of Mr. So instead, I give you: What we need is an Apocalypse. Circle Jerk at the Square Dance. The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century: The Stanford Liberty Blog.

Big Dan's Big Blog. View topic - Republicans and BJs in bathroom State of the Nation. The continuing theme - top 5 gay sex scandals in GOP this year islandpacket. YouTube - The Tonight Show: Larry Craig talks about Bill Clinton. View topic - Opinion: Gay-rights group attacks values.

Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, just another in a long daisy chain of happy homoevidence. Latest Gay Republican Sex Scandal: Larry 'Wide Stance' Craig, just another in a long daisy chain of happy homoevidence.

Brain Differences In Liberals and Conservatives. Republicans gone wild - TalkBack. Why do neocons take such wide stances? So how's them family values working out for you?? The People's Republic of Seabrook.

Strizz macht Urlaub - Seite 3 - Comicforum - Hauptforum. View topic - Sen. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig to stay in Senate. Presidential Election of Amy the Pirate's Friends.

Anti-Gay Jehovah's Witness Cartoon Tells Kids That LGBT People 'Can Change' - WATCH - Towleroad

Presidential politics, express your views, and please be polite about it beaufortgazette. The Big Ten - N. Jeebus hates me, this I know.

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For some batshit-crazy dead-eyed hag from Okalahoma tells me so. Democrat Governor of New York is a pricey pimp VN Boards - A typical Democrat at work in washington today. Pop This Pill abortive. Larry Craig is well known as the wash room man.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Cartoons Movies

So what he is still a senator and a good one at that keep up the good work larry. John Edwards in the news - Page 2 - DodgeBoard. Obama's "punished with a baby" comment sparks protests - Page 10 - Political Forum. Failed Censor - Page 5. Affair allegations rock TN state Senate race: State and Regional News: The Smear Tatics being readied: New York Nightlife Guide. Post - California Proposition 8 Gay marriage ban.

Is Sarah Palin preparing for ? Blow jobs for all! Diet Soda Popsicles - Sociocide. What happens when you try to legislate morality? The RNC Chairmanship - Follow standards set by Bible, Constitution: Check-out the Washington Times for the article and youtube for network news coverage! Teen daughter of McCain's VP nominee pregnant, will marry father.

Texas has hit an all new low How do you think the Muslims your defending above would treat you…They probably have a variation where the cut your tool off before the behead you. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, just another in a long daisy chain of happy homoevidence. But as they try to cement inroads with the new administration, Angelo said traditional LGBT groups like the Human Rights Campaign could have little, or zero, influence.

This webpage made my day… I think I need to send it to my right-wing, fundie father…. Conservative, about your party of choice. Barney Frank is openly gay, not hiding and espousing positions where hypocrisy will become a weapon to be battered with. Does the Irony fall on your deaf ears? Gerry Connolly Referendum Tomorrow. Republican plan to regain majority - Benzworld. David Gibbs against robot love - Boing Boing.

The Issue - Gay Marriage. Top 5 Gay Republican Scandals. Why I hate rush limbaugh Facebook. Newsvine - Barney Frank's Worst Nightmare: Barney Frank in Power.

9-year Olds Given Sex-Change Pills

Is this true for Americans? Democrats Why don't they pay thier taxes. Do you support South Dakota's prohibition against same-sex marriages?

College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Cartoons Movies

Bondage Another stupid right wing meme. Tri State Sportbikes dot Com - If he had any credibility left So what is THE issue that makes one a Conservative? With obvious apologies to that dude that does that redneck bit. Question for the men - Page 3 - Literotica Discussion Board.

I was nude in Argentina! SF bay area forums - craigslist. What is up with this crap!?: You forgot the biggest one of all. Jeff Gannon and W. Gannon logged into the white house more than he logged out. While in the legislature he served as Senate Majority Leader. During these years, Jim West supported several anti-gay bills, including one that would have banned gays and lesbians from working in schools and day care centers.

When asked if he has ever experienced the sort of love chronicled in the movie, Chalamet assumes a wistful tone: Reporters for this newspaper examined hundreds of credit-card vouchers, drawn on both corporate and personal cards and made payable to the escort service operated by the homosexual ring. Another tactic to win Republicans: New Name For Republitards. Smith and one orc Mr.

He also proposed a law that would ban all sexual activity among persons under the age of 18 the bill failed. He would later admit that he regretted voting for those measures. West was involved in a sex scandal in