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Six Shave Haircut And Bits A

Amtrak 355 another "shave and a haircut six bits" attempt

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4 Jan Two Bits". Part I provides information about the source of the tune which is commonly known in the United States by the words "Shave and a hair cut. Two bits." This post also provides an explanation of the meaning of "two bits" (or "six bits", another common ending in the United States or "two bobs". 4 Jan Part I provides information about the source of the tune which is commonly known in the United States by the words "Shave and a hair cut. Two bits." This post also provides an explanation of the meaning of "two bits" (or "six bits", another common ending in the United States or "two bobs", a common ending. When we were growing up in the 40s and 50's, our dad sang "Shave & a Haircut, six bits". | See more ideas about Barber salon, Barber shop and Barbershop.

I guess things are more expensive out here. Bo Diddly built his entire career on it. My family often did the horn-honking in tunnels thing, but I have no idea where we picked it up.

Shave And A Haircut Six Bits

My mom is from California, my dad from Montana, and together we lived all over the States. We always tooted when crossing a state line. Shave and a haircut in one state, six bits in the other. I have also been told that this is an explative in Mexico involving ones mother and other things I will leave out. On a side note, the holding your breath thing…I grew up thinking to do that as a game in the car probably to get children to be quiet while they sat in the back seat. My friends and I added more rules to the game later on, but that is how it started for me.

Cool sounding or not it still works as click. People still remember it. Sounds like something Bob Hope would Shave And A Haircut Six Bits, huh? I believe it was used by Warner Brothers at the end of some cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and maybe even recently by Pinky and the Brain. About the morse code thing: At the end of a conversation, one sends a final Shave And A Haircut Six Bits for thank you and the other one sends one or two dots mostly two.

It sounds like this: Article source least I do…. Never heard the Six Bits part before. As for tunnels, yes we honked going through them as kids, and I still do it ever now and again as an adult. What about raising your feet off the floorboards when you cross over railroad tracks?

Where did "shave and a haircut, two bits" come from? | San Diego Reader

These are all games we played as kids in the car while we travelled extensively. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Cinc de carmelos pel noi English: Naval Seaman Doug Hegdahl reports fellow American captives in the Vietnam war would authenticate a new prisoner's American identity by tapping the first five notes of "Shave and a Haircut" against a cell wall and waiting for the appropriate response. People still remember it. Shave and a haircut—two bits Who got married—Tom mix Who was he doctor—buck jones What did they feed him—dog bones. When did it happen?

My brothers and sisters think I have lost my mind, but here is how I remember it…. I can remember five lines, but the sixth answer escapes me. Shave and a haircut, two bits. How do you like it, just fine. Where did you get it,???? For bridges, we raised our feet when going over and ducked our heads when going under.

He Past away yesterday and now I am trying to gather bits and pieces of all the memories I have of him for his Memorial Service.

While it was not the origin of the rhythm, it is prominent in Cloudburst written by Ted Heath for his orchestra. It is probably better known to many of us from the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross recording which can be heard at http: Who m did he marry? How did he like her? Shave and a haircut, two bits, Who got married? Tom Mix, Who did he marry? I agree with That is the way my Shave And A Haircut Six Bits and other service related uncles explained it to me. And while I served my country in the USN it became common knoledge that that was the toon.

Then there was the one that my dad so enjoid singing visit web page us as children. God we loved it when dad would sing that song with his crying and bellowins harmonies. I hope you all get to hear that one at least once in your life.

This is what I remember my dad singing: Anyone heard this one and know the last verse. Glad to hear others also were tone deaf! Shave and a Shave And A Haircut Six Bits, two bits…. Im in love with, Tom Mix…. Wanted to check which was right, and now I have a whole song! Also, Article source seem to recall reading once that two bits was actually 25 cents.

I was born in Ontario, Canada in As a kid, we did the tunnel honking and the raise your feet for a railroad track. An No one Honks that in Utah. I was born in and the way my sang it was with Tom Mix and Pearl White and the baby being all right. My aunt would be about 90 years old. Possibly just for the rhythm knocking doors, horns honking, etc. From the midwest… Shave and a hair cut — two bits Who did he marry? His horse What did it end up? Also always held our breath going past a cemetary and lifted our feet going over railroad tracks.

My favorite cowboy was Tom Mix.

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Who did he marry? I remember when he got killed I was really sad. My Grand-Dad trying to be nice got me an orange handle cap pistol with Gene Autry on it. I never did really liked another cowboy until Roy Rodgers was retired and did promotions. For a second I thought the part about him dying and you being sad was part of the ditty.

That was one weird ditty! Shave and a hair cut two bits Who read article gonna marry — Tom Mix How many kids you have — 26 What are you gonna call them — toothpicks. Whatcha gonna feed him on? The western settlers carried silver dollars as there were no nickels, dimes, and quarters around.

To make smaller change they would have them sliced in half, then quarters, then eighths. The American Stock Exchange trades in tenths.

Bender starts to sit up but bonks his head on the table, and Andrew nearby quickly raps the "and a haircut" part of the beat; Bender fist-beats "two bits" back. The Last Airbender knocked on a steel door this way in the Grand Finalebut instead of knocking the "bits" part she knocked the door down. Rooney flips the bird in lieu of the 'two bits'.

Two bits, due to inflation blame the FED for thatcarried a stigma of little value. Two bit whore, etc. Shave and click haircut…2 bits.

Everytime I squeeze them…. Anybody know this one?? Shave and a haircut—two bits Who got married—Tom mix Who was he doctor—buck jones What did they feed him—dog bones. In the very early thirties we used to sing it as: While reading this it occurred to me that this was a rhyme people used to say when i was younger. I grew up in the nineties for reference: Who did it come from?

When did it happen? How did it feel?

Rainbow Six Siege - Shave & a Haircut, Two Bits

Tom Mix Who did he marry? My mom sang that to us when we were kids. She always sang the whole thing together. Also my family held our breath in tunnels; my dad said this is because if an old wives tail that the air is toxic inside. Grew up in PA. Enjoyed reading the comments on this thread. We used to hold our breath over a Shave And A Haircut Six Bits as well as pick our feet up off the floor of the car.

We honked the tune in tunnels with our link. Fun to hear the history of other Americans across this grant country of ours. How I remember enjoying reading them with sparked anticipation, waiting to see what was coming next, as my mom and I drove from Ohio to California read article the ond two land Rte.

Mom let me drive on those long, lonely streaches of highway across the open prairie land, with a cushion behind my back so I could reach the pedals. Honking going through a tunnel scares away the evil spirits! Probably because of all the Chinese nitro couriers that were killed bringing it into the tunnels here in B.

Shave And A Haircut Six Bits

Shave and a haircut, two bits! Who ya gonna marry? What ya gonna feed him? Shave and a haircut, two bits Who was the barber, tom mix Who did he marry, Faye Rae How is the baby, okay What did they name her, …………. And I think a whole other line.