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Fake profiles and lies at dating sites like Plenty of fish , Datehookup , etc. It sucks.

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Plenty Of Fish: customer reviews on Australia's largest opinion site out of 5 stars for Plenty Of Fish in Online Dating. until they get back to how they were and fix this site.. get rid of the scammers and perverts and let Tinder do its perverted job and POF be a quality good site again if possible. 25 Jan If you find that you play online games like Candy Crush Saga and are used to filling out online polls, OK Cupid is the one for you. Match and Plenty of Fish are good if you just want a traditional personals-like forum to meet other people. If you want a more polished site with some “adult supervision,” Match is. One of the rare free sites in the matchmaking category, is as low-commitment as it comes. Plus, with way over million members, online dating action is guaranteed.

It's like they think ooh I can reject all these decent men as they will be hundreds more coming. They tell you to message them and then ignore you They all searching for some one from the movies who can take care of them financially. They don't even come across as nice people. First impressions count and majority of these lot come across badly.

It ain't happening but Is Pof A Good Dating Site are too dumb to realise it. These women aren't even close to the playboy bunnies they think they are. POF sent me on dates with serial-dating women that were only interested in a free meal I have been on several dates from match and they are not the "miracle" dating service that they portray themselves to be.

I more info surprised as soon Ive applied to this website receiving a huge number of interests and messages from very interesting for me men, I was excited a couple of days.

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And suddenly i was not able to login my account. I realised probably that I am good enough and became very popular quickly raised on a top to make a jealous of other please click for source were not so lucky. I think maybe sites administration would like to all others not so bright women find men avoiding me and similar more lucky ladies.

If there is not any choice men should pick what this website offers them Also, some creepy person annoyed me a lot with messages and phone calls, demanded me to meet him and have a sex for money.

I was rude to him because didnt know how to avoid him, I was near to contact the police on this point. I think maybe this bloke complained or it might be a provocation. Its up to you but if its so many intrigues around this content you cannot feel free to communicate here. But I'm still freaking single lol!!! Every1 seems 2b sayin wejustfit. Any user caught doing so is deleted. You may also be deleted if you accumulate a high number of blocks.

Users who are deleted Is Pof A Good Dating Site not signup to the service again. This is a web sight for men to just use women for sex while pretending to want something real. Even the profiles that say looking for long term are really not.

I have never been ghosted Is Pof A Good Dating Site my entire life and these people will say and do anything for sex and then disappear like a magic trick.

POF IS THE DEVIL!!! Don't ever join plenty of fish!!!

This sight should be shut down. It is likely the reason for more break ups and divorces then relationships. Sent out quite a few messages and they all looked at my profile. Have a good job and work out. Who do they think they are? No thanks but no thanks just ignore or block, what lovely people. They all seem to be waiting for some hot model to message them. Half of them can't be bothered to fill the profile out and a lot can't work out how to put their photo Is Pof A Good Dating Site right way up Women need to change their stuck.

I have watch ultra match. It starts with 70 prospective mates and after deleting the majority of dog, cat or smokers I may luck out with 2 out of Of the 2 1 is definitely good looking but has no interest in anything but hitting the sheets and are masaganist at heart, the other 1 out link two are lushes and half the time would probably use a sheep or what ever else they can get their penises into.

For the few real guys that are legit, woman are so worn out they have probably given up on finding some one real and would make good marriage or even dating material. I think that both sexes with any real potential have probably burned out and have given up. Its a bizarre cyber universe where a handful of women lord it over a mass of guys competing for dates.

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If you aren't a GQ guy you'll be lucky to date fat ugly women who expect you do give them the world. Plenty of fake phishing messages though. Today, five days later, they charged my Paypal acct for renewal. They have done this to other users as well. You can't blame the site it's the content but with so many blatant fake profiles appearing it surely can't last much longer.

Although I'm sure Markus has made enough money Basically the girls on this site are the leftovers on society. They are the ones you see in a bar at closing time still on the own They are fat but say plus sized. They read article unintelligent lack class and are just common trash You wouldn't take any of these to meet your mum But strangely they don't see how bad they are they actually think they're a catch LOL.

Decent women don't need POF to find a guy. An online sewer all with unrealistic women thinking they are some sort of catch despite their best years behind them. Spend all their time on social media and their photos are all skimpy selfies despite being 37 sticking their tongues out drunk They say they have great family friends and their life is in order and they love going on holidays.

But they're reaching the end of time for child bearing. They so great yet no man has ever asked them them to marry them. The good ones get snapped up quickly and the fact they're on here bragging how great everything is but they've never had a relationship longer than a year tells me all i need to know.

They've never been able to hang onto a man and that's a huge sign something is wrong with them Mind boggles how many partners they've slept with and been out partying read more night having fun and now they want to settle down with a decent guy.

No thanks I'm worth more than these skanks on on here. So Is Pof A Good Dating Site posting thinking you're a catch when you should have settled down years ago. About three quarters of all the responses I get on POF are obviously attempts to rip me off or upgrade me.

Is Pof A Good Dating Site

Women will contact me, always asking for my email account. Giving me some piss poor reason like 'I can't upload images on POF. Then, coincidentally, their profiles are removed after I question their statements. All in all, POF is populated by scammers and not in my opinion a legit dating site.

How on earth does this site get 3. It must be all the people from wejustfit or whatever it is coming on here giving it great marks but also using it to promote their site This site is full of women who think they're brand new Lamborghinis when in fact they're 30 year old Chevvys with rust and due for the scrap yard The women constantly complain about men only wanting one thing but don't seem to get dressing your main photo as a pouting bikini shot isn't going to get any decent men messaging them They're all stuck up and seem to think they are way better than they actually are.

I hope the internet breaks and then they have to put the hard yards in the real world. POF has a lot of unintelligent people. Way too many netspeak-users and cliche-ridden profiles.

They also have some heavy-handed "autoblock" policy where you can't message someone more than 10 years younger than you. Even if POF shows their profile when you're surfing. So that beautiful blonde in an American flag bikini?

Sorry, she turned 21 after you turned The worst part is the one girl I sort of Is Pof A Good Dating Site was creepy. She never talked to me but would text me saying she saw me there and it was Wish it was that hot girl that saw me, not this unattractive creeper. Site article source work if you put effort in, but not if you're a "guy like me".

When POF frist started, it was interesting. Some nice ladies and interesting as well. Now, they all try to impress you with their "great bodies" online. It seems POF should enforce their decency code. I'm not interested in seeing a 60 year old woman in a bikini, not that there is anythng wrong that that apparently.

Final thoughts If you must choose one, consider OK Cupid as the price is right and you can test the waters before you write a check. Who do they think they are? People looking for long-term relationships, people looking for short-term relationships, and people looking for a large dating pool.

In reality, it seems POF has gone the way of many of the international sites in trying to squeeze money out of you in any way possible. I cant say that PlentyOfFish is perfect but its up their with the best sites Ive tryed wejustfit. I was last on this site in and although wasn't great then it wasn't that bad and the women seemed ok and replied.

Fast forward to and wow it's truly horrible. The whole universe seems to be on here and the women seem determined to punch above their weight. I signed up and didn't take me long to see a photo from the past. A woman in a black bikini next to a swimming pool I remembered.

So unless she's Peter Pan she's using the same photo from 6 years ago. Some guy is going to be in for a shock if they meet.

I guess it must be all an ego trip.

Is Pof A Good Dating Site

Saw a few other faces from the past just with different hair etc and couldn't help but think if you are on a dating site for 6 years surely you'd think I'm being too picky or it's not working. How is it possible to be on pof that long and not find a decent man??? Yes sure there are sleazy men but must be some good ones. From what I remember at least back in the woman were somewhat polite.

I realized I would not ever meet anything but trash if I met these people in person and made the glorious and triumphant decision to just DELETE everything and get on with my life. Be honest with what you are looking for. I have to dig to find the real down to earth nerdy guys on there. View all 24 photos.

This mob are just rude picky and crazy. Page after page of profiles all the same. All like holidays and socialising. Alot of them don't have photos, have photos kissing their pets or photos I'd class as inappropriate for a open source 'dating' site. I'm not a prude but half your body naked for all to see??

I think most on here for attention and no intention of dating or they're looking for a man that doesn't exist.