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Are there any reputable WLS dating services out there? Specifically for linking men and women who understand the challenges and long term issues/support that comes along with being a WLS patient? I'd like to think I'm ready to start dating again since my husband and I split 6 months ago. How many people have the bariatric surgery in this site???? Meet singles at Don't have enough flab on the body I have to have to think about those skin removal reconstructions a year after final weight-loss goal has been met. 11/22/ July 23rd was my surgery date. I am so happy I did. The dating process is dramatically different for post-bariatric surgery patients, and not always in a good way.

Meet singles at DateHookup. Don't have enough flab on the body I have to have to think about those skin removal reconstructions a year after final weight-loss goal has been met. My wife had it done April and had lost over lbs already!

I've heard a lot of good feed back. So here goes for me! Surgeon couldn't see what he was doing and nicked a couple of internal organs.

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In a comma for over a month. Finally woke with sepsis, lost my gallbladder, appendix, spleen, and several feet of intestine. Was in hospital 6mths and in hospital bed a year at home after that. Huge open wound in my abdomen for a year and a half and could not eat for that entire time.

If not and you are just wallowing in self pity about how fat you are while sitting on the couch eating ice cream by the gallon How soon should you mention your surgery? My take on it is whether or not you are working on getting healthy.

Had to feed through a tube that went straight into my intestine, finally after a year my Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery closed, they could connect my stomach again and I could eat. Gained a Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery back as through time your pouch stretches and you're able to eat more and more. Really rough road for me.

It worked great for about 4 years but you have to do the walking and with my job I did not get as much walking as I should have and over time I gained a big part of my weight back. If you have it done just remember that YOU have to do the walking.

Walking is not the only activity which one must adher to in keeping any weight gain at bay after this surgery. This surgery can be a life-saving procedure, but it is imperative for the one who has had the surgery to be responsible for maintaining their weight at there elected goal.

Best of luck to all whom shall have, or will have, this surgical procedure in order to control their weight. I had stomach problems for years that stopped overnight. Lost a lot of weight, still working on it. See more in a car accident that set me back with exercise.

Hope to be at goal sometime this summer. July 23rd was my surgery date. I am so happy I did! I've already lost lbs and could not be happier.

Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery

I was lbs on a size 24w now I'm on lbs down to a size continue reading So keep up the good wrk because at the end it's all worth it!!.

Is one of Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery best decision in life!! I lost pounds then last year I had horrible health problems and couldn't get to the gym. I gained 60 pounds back and now that I can exercise again I went for a fill and my port Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery flipped.

I have surgery this coming Wednesday to remove the band and I have to wait 3 months for the revision surgery which at that point I will have the sleeve. I had gastric bypass surgery February 21 and have lost pounds so far. My daughter had the bi-pass and still has problems crop up with scar tissue after 4 years. I can not afford it and I do not want loose skin.

She did well, lost weight and never had any problems from it. The other 2 people had a lot of problems with it, scar tissue and other complications. That is why I will never have it done. Energy is way up, no more high blood pressure, sleep apnea gone, feeling great!! I am considering the surgery as well. I don't have a calorie consumption problem, I just can't lose weight.

How many people have the bariatric surgery in this site???? Me too best choice I ever made! Probably going yo have the lap band after the first of the year.

Bariatric Surgery

I've got my first appt to see the doc about getting surgery this Thursday and I can not wait! I had the bypass done inwas one of the first to have it done. By-pass surgery can be a very beneficial medical procedure for obese persons in being able to lose excessive weight. That can also be a very fast life ending procedure, I think it's better in recent years but in no way foolproof. I had a gastric bypass in and wish I'd done it years ago.

I seriously thought about having Bariatric surgery and was in the process of getting appointments set up when a friend who had the lapband approach me about Visalus and she told me about the problems she had been having and have known several other friends that had problems so I tried Visalus in april of have been on it ever since I have lost pounds with proper nutrition and Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery am still losing weight with it check it out www. I am 23 years old and I had it continue reading nov.

If anyone younger is considering this surgery but is not sure please cnntact me, it is by far the best thing I have ever done with my life. Hi, I had my surgery on ' I have the band and did real well. Bipass I'n nov lost 65 pounds so far but struggle due to stress.

Good luck to all who have had the bi-pass or the lap-band surgery. Gastric bypassI had my bypass done in and the first year I lost over hundred pounds and was doing fine for about two years then I started having pain all over my body then I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and there is no cure for it and it seems to be getting worse everyday ,but it seems like you had your share of major problems with your surgeries due to doctors mistakes and not informing their patients with enough information before the surgery and what might happen during and after the surgery ,I wish you the best and hope Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery everything turns out OK for you, talk to you later and by the way my name is Rudy.

I want to loose weight naturally or not at all. I've known 3 people that had gastric bypass, My sister had hers done when it was still considered experimental. Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery my RnY surgery and down 70 pounds Need to start exercising more.

Thanks OP enjoyed reading the comments. This cuts your calorie intake way down, well to almost nothing to bargin with and it also gives you a reason to get up and moving. If you are active and don't have a problem with calories then you should look at what you are eating, calories of ice cream are different than calories of green beans. Most likely you are not moving enought. The reason I visit web page that is because I had the bypass done inlost a lot of weight, did not eat much at all but then I went back to my old job and started gaining weight back.

I was just satin there driving down the road and was notdid not, take the time to get out and walk for one to two hours a day.

Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery

My mom had it done in in columbus, ga and was one of the first. She was lbs and is now struggling to keep over lbs. She looks like a holocaust victim. She can't keep potassium, iron or any other needed vitamins in her body. Her blood level constantly falls and she's had a couple of transfusions and they don't know why. She lives on phenergan because she's constantly nauseated. She said if she had it to do over again, she'd never have done it. Its good for the first few years but the long term is bad.

I know every person is different.

OP, I'd wait a few dates. Join a network of folks just like you, all stages of the weight loss process. Remember if you get lap band or gastric bypass its usually the same doctors you will need to have skin surgery for extreme weight loss you will need eventually for hanging skin. My take on it is whether or not you are working on getting healthy.

Hi I had the surgery on June 21st I am so glad i did it. I am down lbs. I need to lose an other 40 to 50lbs. WOW Congrats to you. Completely over the sugar dumps, too?

Keep up the good work. My sister in law had it done about 4 or 5yrs ago and she dropped almost lbs but she's starting to gain it back cause she doesn't eat well and is lazy.

Don't waste your money on something that is very dangerous and if you're not gonna take serious in years to come. I had my surgery done feb. I have loss a lbs. Remember if you get lap band or gastric bypass its usually the same doctors you will need to have skin surgery for extreme weight loss you Dating Site For Weight Loss Surgery need eventually for hanging skin.

You will go thru several plateaus but you will eventually reach your ideal goal. When I started the journey July 0f to click here approved for the surgery, I weighed Day of surgery I was at I am now down tomuch healthier, happier.

It was the best thing I could have done. I in the process of maybe getting the lap-band done.

Lost weight & looking for someone who can relate to your new lifestyle? Dating after weight loss?

One must have the excess skin removed doctor will not perform this reconstructive surgery until after 1 year, or more, from the time of the bariatric surgery. And don't forget to schedule breast strap shortening surgery, also.