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10 Essential Tips For Dating A Writer

20 Mar Everyone at one point or the other has wanted to date a writer, and then, been rejected! Here's what you need to know about dating a writer ;) When we are on a roll with our writing, disappear! dating a writer_New_Love_Times. Image source: Giphy. Give us the time and space to be the next Chetan. 28 Jun I know what you're thinking: who needs a list of reasons to date a writer? Surely everyone already knows that writers are the sexiest and most responsible fish in the dating sea? Well, I don't want to shock you, but there are some people out there wh. 6 Mar Dating a writer is a challenge that most people don't realize they're signing up for until it happens. While it can prove to be quite difficult, there are some pro's to dating a writer, as well. I've listed some helpful tips for those of you willing to take a chance on a writer.

If we care about you, you're going to be immortalized in print.

If I have an idea for a story or for a point in my plot and I share it with you don't tell me that it's the best thing you've ever heard when you think that I could improve it. Na, na, on a serious note, dating a writer is a bloody difficult job in its own! The words you use to describe yourself. So when we're approaching a deadline, we do everything in our power to not work, even if it means having to pull an all-nighter in the end, or dealing with a furious editor. I'll pay attention to the way you speak and the words you choose.

So, you're dating a writer. We don't know whether or not to congratulate you and give you a hug, or to hand you a bottle of whiskey and a straw along with the card of a great therapist. Chances are, if you have been dating said writer for more than two weeks, you completely understand that opening line. Here's what you need to know: Your abbreviated and misspelled texts can make us homicidal.

Just because we're out on a date with you doesn't mean we're researching. We know you're so interesting that the whole world should read about article source, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone who writes and dates blogs about it.

A fruit-scented bubble bath coupled with a glass of silky red wine! The problem is, novels come in all genres — from romance to horror. We're nothing if not with the trends.

We aren't trying to be Carrie Bradshaw. But, If we care about you, you're going to be immortalized in print. That article that has made you nervous? Click not about you. OK, maybe a little, 10 Tips For Dating A Writer you can't prove it. That whole "pen is mightier than the sword" thing gives us balls of steel. There's truth in the idea that hell hath no fury like a writer scorned.

Just ask every ex-boyfriend we've ever had. Size does matter and we like it big, full and long. We are, of course, referencing your vocabulary which, if used correctly, can seduce us in ways that are too erotic to print here. We know you have "a lot of continue reading stories" and have "always wanted to write a book.

We exist on a roller coaster of emotion. We secretly dream of being as good as insert great writer herebut know we will always fall short. We take "hard on yourself" to depths no healthy person can understand.

It's for this reason that nothing we write will ever be good enough and your compliments will always be met with some kind of deflection. The "tortured" writer thing isn't an act, it's what makes us writers. If we show you our writing, we pretty much love you.

Hi, here's our soul. Feel free to rip it to shreds and leave the very essence of our being bleeding on the floor. You might notice a few alcohol bottles around the house.

When we're on deadline, you don't exist. The only reason the shower exists is because we read that taking one makes us more creative.

Interrupt us when we're writing and you'll be met with a death stare.

10 Tips For Dating A Writer

But if we need to run a line by you, you could be in the middle of an operation and we will expect you to pay attention. We're always up for an experience. Whether it's absinthe in Paris or popping into an art museum showcasing the lost works of Mapplethorpeyour writer friends are always in We know you've Googled us.

We take "literary porn" to a whole new level. We can't make a long story short. We will make it longer.

10 Tips For Dating A Writer

Why would we want a short story? Where are the details?

Crazy Librarian: 10 Reasons to Date a Writer

Why are you rushing us? We take words very seriously. The way you honor your word. The words in the song you send us.

10 tips for dating a writer

The words you use to describe yourself. The words in the texts you use.

Constant computing over here. When you point out a grammatical error in our texts or emails, we die a little inside. There are movies we will flat-out refuse to watch with you. When people ask us "What do you write? Love April 26, More content from YourTango: Click to view 25 images.

10 Tips For Dating A Writer