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Why I Desire to Be Desired

24 Mar I knew very well how to make guys laugh—a skill I employed to my own advantage. One of the ruder guys would invite me to the “shirtless” team, and I would politely smile back my refusal. I exploited their fear of hurting me; female aggression, when properly executed, can be so unexpected that it throws off. 24 Oct This shaming of women for seeking attention and male approval of their beauty, style and attitude is no better than women shaming men for “looking at a woman's body”, for their sexual desire, for his attempts to learn how to seduce and attract a woman or even for his pleasure in getting easy, no strings. 12 Sep I don't think their husbands appreciate it. Even if she doesn't cheat, it definitely opens the door to the possibility of it happening. It might.

Why do some married women seek the attention of other men? HieveryoneSep 12, Even if she doesn't cheat, it definitely opens the door to the possibility of it happening. It might also make her value her own husband less simply because she's thinking about all the guys she could've been with if she were still single.

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Men Love Sex, Women Love Attention.

DeltaMacSep 12, Jul 30, Location: I personally don't accept that point-of-view. You don't own your girl friend, or your wife.

Attention can be sought out in many ways: Women are the embodiment of lies and manipulation. Women will still crave male attention though, and millions will have nervous breakdowns once men no longer have any incentive to give it to them. He loves you so much, and walk with him? A mature woman does not approach men for father-like validation; rather, she approaches men to express her female nature and sexuality.

A relationship is based on love, and trust. Your interpretation of some random lady's behavior around other men may be totally circumstantial.

Why Do Women Crave Attention From Others In Relationships? #SONCERAEVIDEOS

If you think that every action that a friendly woman takes toward a man can be considered flirting, then you have a long ways to go to get to anything remotely like trust. I can't look inside a woman's head, so I have no idea why women will not flirt with you. Maybe you will find a way to fix that soon. Flirting really is a two way street. Maybe you need to look within yourself to see why you respond in the way that you do.

Women Who Seek Attention From Men

Could be the lady is not at fault, either. A flirter needs a flirtee, eh?.

If your opinion of women and expectations of how you should be treated by them are that low, an attention whore is probably all that you deserve. Your shaming tactics to turn his glances of appreciation into objectifying stares, to treat all men as rapists who need to learn not to rape and to insist that any relationship is built on your sexual terms only is cruel, abusive and destructive. They find it pleasurable sexually, mentally and emotionally. After having only recently met, she may refer to you with the fondness one would normally reserve for an old friend, share deeply personal information with you, and seem eager to hang out with you and your friends. Women demand honesty in a man yet are never honest themselves.

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Women Who Seek Attention From Men

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