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Does the shy guy like you? (from personal experience:)

1 Jul This quiz was created by a shy guy and is meant for middle school girls. UPDATED: SHY GUY Levels of Attraction Quiz. 16 Questions. Does your SHY GUY crush like you back? As my amazing Ask Kimberly girls already know, shy guys require a completely different analysis than guys who are not shy. Take this quiz and find out if your SHY GUY likes you. Take the UPDATED SHY GUY Levels of. 14 Dec Hey guys! So this is a little quiz you can take I made based on personal experience. I know it can be hard to tell if a guy likes you especially if he's shy, but there He really likes me! 9. When you call his name, how does he respond? He takes his time. He looks in my direction quickly. Seems to be irritable.

How to know if a Shy Guy likes You Jazrine. Okay, let us first start on this question: How long have you two known each other? Uhhm for about a few weeks I just met him! He doesn't know me! For about a few months. As I have said, he doesn't know me! Mostly we talk about some personal things!

Does the shy guy like you? (from personal experience:)

Few personal things about my friend me: I think he likes your friend! Be more flirty with him!

Yeah, like the same hair, I guess. When i see him walk by, he sometimes looks down, or at his friends, he talks to girls when i walk by, and he stares at me, wen i look back, he looks at my eyes and then looks away. And i brave myself to tell him that i likes him.

He doesn't know I'm there. He comes towards me and pay his full attention to me. He pushes me, points his finger to me and laughs!!! We're not that close. But he talks to me sometimes.

I have this crush on a guy, I'm not sure if he knows I have a crush on him, or if he has a crush on me, we don't talk because we are both really shy. Maybe he is now avoiding me because he knows that I like him and for me to stop is to distance himself from me. You have the possibility to design the text. So there's this guy I like and I've liked him for a while, so I would know if he ever so much as glances at me.

We're not good friends I only have one mutual friend. Have any of his friends told you that he likes you? Yes in a playful way No and I wish But he has ex gf's. His feet are pointing towards me His body, hands, and feet are pointing towards me. His seems to be so distracted! He click here into my eyes!

I'm not sure if he was really staring at me or maybe he was staring at my best friend who sits next to me Maybe he's just in deep thought and he's staring at me by a chance.

What was his reaction when you caught him staring at you?

Does Your Crush Like You Back?

He points his finger to me and laughs! He smiles, blushes and waves at me! He looks away quickly, blushes and does it again.

Does The Shy Guy Like Me Quiz

I'll check it next time. When you seat next to him Does his legs wide apart?

I can't get a chance to seat beside him I don't pay attention When you're around, does he brush his hands trough his hair or something like that? How did you know? Yes but he always do that. I don't know and don't care. When you are across the room, does he leans towards your direction? But what does it mean? Some romantic things like chocolates or flowers Then, why are you taking this quiz?? It only means he wants to talk with you!! A candy wrapper with a special message I love you, You can do it!

Sometimes if someone likes you, you just can feel it in your gut So do you think he likes you?

Does He Like Me? For Guys Who Are Shy . . .

I'm not yet Sure. I don't know that's why I'm taking this quiz! He likes my friend: Log in to add to the discussion. Log in or sign up. What Is Your Dynamic?

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Does The Shy Guy Like Me Quiz

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