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5 Nov In Europe, TP was not very popular around this time, so when they designed the indoor plumbing, the pipes used were much smaller. They used bidets to clean their bottoms since their toilets would clog if you flushed a handful of TP down them. The consequences of this are still around today. I used to live. 19 May Puritanical tendencies aside, there are practical reasons as to why a standalone bidet feels like a foreign invasion to an American. For one: there are no pipes in the walls for them. American bathrooms are designed for American tastes, and by and large Americans have come out as bidet-agnostic, at best. 28 Jun In a famous scene from Crocodile Dundee, Mick Dundee stands in the bathroom of his upscale New York City hotel room toiling with the bidet, Elsewhere in the world, particularly in Asia and parts of Europe and South America, people would find it unsettling to enter a washroom devoid of a bidet.

Our deal is he gets this, and I get my say with the rest of the house.

Why Are Americans Still So Afraid to Embrace the Bidet?

I stand a few feet away, shaking my head in disbelief. Despite its obvious and well-proven benefits, from personal hygiene to environmental, the integrated bidet toilet seat—which sprays a controlled stream of water from underneath the toilet seat at the push of a button—remains stubbornly off-putting to North Americans.

Bidets are most commonly found in southern europe, Italy in particular. So when he built house, he installed sprayers with adjustable intensity next to the toilets. This led Procter and Gamble largest candle maker to look into alternative methods for making a candle. Bacteria, which are the source of urinary tract infections, are found within the vagina. This is the way to an actual clean asshole.

Laugh all you want, but this has an impact on all of us. I am a fan of the bidet toilet seat. No, wait, not a fan. I have been a fanatical, unquestioning devotee of the bidet toilet seat since the first time I used one in a hotel in Japan. I have lived two lives: When I am on vacation without it, I feel cast back into the desert, with nothing to clean myself with check this out squares of paper.

Why Are Bidets Not Popular In America those moments, I feel no better than a filthy savage. I have fought hard for my seat. When I proudly acquired my beloved Brondell Swashshortly after buying our first house three years ago, my wife expressed the same sentiments as the woman in the showroom. The seat was banished to the third floor, leaving our more accessible second-floor toilet as my glorified urinal.

As for the precious, easily offended guests? During our housewarming party, they were lined up like children at a roller coaster, waiting to take the seat for a test drive.

Why Are Bidets Not Popular In America

Bidet fanatics like me are quick to point to obvious benefits for our personal health and the health of the Earth. There is a reason why people are so skittish about fecal matter, and that is because the stuff is downright filthy.

Why Don't Americans Use Bidets?

Our solid waste is packed with bacteria that house everything from mild stomach bugs to serious infectious epidemics. This is why the invention of indoor plumbing and the widespread adoption of bathroom sanitation hand washingdisinfecting, etc. A bidet cleans like a shower does, with a pressurized stream of water, theoretically washing away more fecal matter than one could with endless wipes of dry paper.

Though few studies have been done on the effectiveness of Why Are Bidets Not Popular In America in societal hygiene, anyone who uses one will tell you that the personal difference in cleanliness is dramatic. Then there is the environmental benefit of bidets. The average American uses around 50 pounds of toilet paper a year, and that paper comes at a significant cost.

Each roll requires wood pulp it read more about one whole eucalyptus tree to make 1, rollsand if the brand is the ultra-soft variety, that can mean wood from old-growth forests.

The process that turns that tree into a roll of Charmin requires tremendous amounts of energy, water, and chlorine.

Then there is the cost of treating that paper in municipal plants. Though toilet paper is made to biodegrade in wastewater treatment plants unlike baby wipeswhich can clog city sewer systemspaper still requires a lot of water, energy, and money to deal with, and does not dissolve in septic systems.

If you live in the US, there's a good chance your bathroom does not contain a bidet. So what will it take to convince North Americans to see the light on this? Try Cleaning Your Washing Machine. Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Believed to have originated in France, the first bidets were simply a bowl of water over which, after relieving herself, a person would squat and then use a hand to splash and wipe away any messes that remained.

Why Are Bidets Not Popular In America Using a bidet dramatically reduces the use of toilet paper. Toto brought the Washlet to the U. Another third are customers who have experienced bidet toilet seats when traveling, or who previously had standard bidets, and the rest come from online searches. Bidet seat vendors all readily admit that the North American market, while ripe with potential, is a particularly tough nut to crack, thanks to prudish American attitudes toward the potty.

Bidets, at various times in American history, have been labeled decadent, immoral, and most tellingly, French. So what will it take to convince North Americans to see the light on this? Perhaps there is a magic quantum that will push North America over the edge, a tipping point of enough toilets outfitted with integrated bidets, which will clean enough backsides to win enough hearts and minds, to make everyone wake up.

Not just for themselves, but for the good click the planet.

It’s Time for Americans to Get Over It and Embrace the Bidet | GOOD

Until that happens I will be up on the third floor with a magazine in one hand and my Brondell remote control in the other, controlling a gentle stream of water and wondering just how the hell you people do it.

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Why Are Bidets Not Popular In America

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