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High-maintenance Meaning

15 Signs You're a High Maintenance Woman

10 signs she's too high maintenance "Make sure you're dealing with a grown woman, not a child who has to do what Mommy says and wants," he adds. Likewise, if every argument she relays to you about friends or family is a sob story where someone's attacking her, and bad things only happen to her, then she's. 17 Feb I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone the other night, and somehow we got on the topic of what it means to be a girl that is "high maintenance." I'm the first to If you are a guy who doesn't know what high maintenance means (yes, those innocent souls do exist), I'm here to educate you. This is a top We'll define high maintenance woman, give several examples, explain good and bad sides, and go have a coffee break. . And if she doesn't want to do it herself, she'll consider it necessary to find someone to assist her, or even do everything instead of her (remember your cousin who made you do her laundry in junior.

Signs She's High Maintenance

But this particular label gets used enough to raise my suspicion that it might represent something real. It might represent a cluster of ideas or beliefs men have about the behavior they see in some women, but not others. Or at least they disagree about what it means.

What Does It Mean When Someone Is High Maintenance

However, there were a few common themes in the majority of descriptions I gathered. Those themes revealed something interesting about what men want.

12 Signs Your Girl Might Be High Maintenance

It seems men have at least one of the following three general concepts of what high-maintenance means:. You see, as I studied the psychology of men, and what makes them fall for women, one of the most important principles I discovered was that men are obsessed with freedom.

You live for the details! You hate revealing any flaws, be it on your complexion or in any other aspect of your life. How to Kiss Someone for the First Time. Thank you for so much insight!

To use a feminine metaphor, a high-maintenance woman is like long, thick hair and bangs that requires a lot of time, attention, and maintenance. Or, to use a more stereotypically masculine metaphor, a high-maintenance woman is kind of like a motorcycle that constantly requires repairs and adjustments to function right.

What do guys want? They want the freedom to act goofy once in a while rather than walking on eggshells to maintain appearances. They want to feel appreciated for the money they earn, without expenses that make them feel inadequate or unable to provide.

They want to be able to pursue adventure and friendships beyond the romantic relationship they enjoy. Another way to say it would be this.

Men seem to want a woman who will fit like a glove, comfortably becoming a part of his life without changing him with demands he feels unable to satisfy in the long-term.

They are the kind of men who are very particular about what they want, unwilling to morph their life to meet a partner halfway, co-creating something new and beautiful. Compromise and finding new ways of appreciating life are important parts of developing a quality relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

This was just a little side project fueled by my personal curiosity, but I have spent years cultivating a deep knowledge base regarding the triggers that make a man really want to be with some women, and not others. If you would like to leverage my years of research and experience in this area, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of my learn more here study program, What Men Secretly Want.

You can get a copy and begin studying it tonight. So many opinions, facts, theories and possibilities.

What Does It Mean When Someone Is High Maintenance

Keep searching, and maybe even coming closer to finding even more possibilities. It seems like quite a deep thing, this high maintenance. Perhaps there may be more to find. People may have these tendencies concerning the high maintenance.

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They have no sense of intelligence or logic either. Thanks for the article but if I show my lady this look the bleep out lol 11 out of 12 hits sighs might be time to move on. You would rather die than show any sort of insecurity, even if you have a few.

Notify me of new posts by email. It seems men have at least one of the following three general concepts of what high-maintenance means: What Men Secretly Want After consuming this short-guide, you will possess a secret that men cannot express well because it is so foundational to their view of the world that they don't even realize it is there.

Get Your Free Special Report. You are very insightful and wise! Thank you for so much insight!

12. She squints her nose in disgust if your car is not sparkling clean, inside and out.

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