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Harrison Ford Re-enacts 'I Love You' Scene from Star Wars - The Graham Norton Show

30 Jun A similar debate arose during the filming of “The Empire Strikes Back” scene in which Han Solo and Leia exchange heartfelt goodbyes before he's encased in Leia professes her love, and Han responds, “I know. . Ford: If she says “I love you,” and I say “I know,” that's beautiful and acceptable and funny. 16 Nov It's among the most memorable dialogue in all of Star Wars, and is often cited as one of the cleverest improvised lines in movie history: Moments before Han Solo is frozen alive in carbonite by Darth Vader, Princess Leia says he loves him. “I know,” he responds. The reply is perfect — and it wasn't actually. 4 May One of the most iconic scenes in the original Star Wars trilogy comes toward the end of The Empire Strikes Back, when Han Solo is about to be lowered into a Carbonite mold and frozen alive. Watching helplessly, Princess Leia rushes to her lovers' side, passionately telling him for the first time “I love you.

Yet this second time is no way near as often discussed as the first time. The Empire Strikes Back. There was no chance for her to say a last farewell to her family and that damages a person.

Princess Leia I Love You Han Solo I Know

She is at war and people die around her daily. I think many people underestimate how guarded and calculating Leia is, qualities she definitely got from her father. There is a lot of anger and suspicion in her. By the time they arrive in Cloud City they have kissed and settled into an almost casual intimacy where their feelings are acknowledged but not actively acted upon.

Again, she may lose a person she loves without being able to say goodbye.

My e-mail address is bcronin legendsrevealed. He begins to storm away, but realizes he hurt her and comes back to embrace Leia. He was eager to. And he has a total right to be. The Importance of the Count.

Leia needs to tell Han, not necessarily for him but for herself. The Empire Strikes Back J. Although Lucas feared it would make the scene comical, the test audiences loved it and it, veritably, made the scene. Although Kershner argued that this scene was about Han, it is really about the culmination of Han and Leia together. The Return of the Jedi. Once they, plus Luke, Lando and Chewie, manage to escape there is, again, no time for heart-felt conversations about their emotions, especially since neither Han nor Leia seem the type for that.

Princess Leia I Love You Han Solo I Know

On Endor they get separated and reunited before they set out on their final mission. When they get cornered, with Leia wounded, there seems to be no way out.

Han and Leia-I know

For Han, love and trust go hand in hand. The whole scene is lighter, in tone, look and feel.

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At this point there has been a natural progression in their relationship where both can declare their love and have that accepted. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The 10: Best Han and Leia Moments

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How the Famous 'I Love You/I Know' Scene From 'The Empire Strikes Back' Really Came Together

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The Importance of the Count.