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After several failed relationships, I finally found someone who is all the things you say that a real man should be. The only problem is that he smokes. .. Then I met someone who lied on his dating profile – saying he was a non-smoker, because he knew it'd get his foot in the door. It did. But I picked up on the fact that he. Smoking is obviously something that cannot be hidden for so long in a relationship and if, at the end of the day, non-smokers only wish to date other non -smokers then smokers are likely to have a much worse outcome on the dating market than non-smokers. Compared to the dating market for non-smokers the market for. 27 Dec Everyone knows by now that tobacco is bad for you. Besides that, it stinks! Most people are non-smokers, and when you don't smoke, the scent of cigarettes can be pretty nauseating. This is especially true when you're not used to it. So what happens when you're a non-smoker yourself and you start dating.

W.W.J.D: Dating A Smoker When You're A Non Smoker

After seeing many friends or himself seduced by love, only to crash and burn afterwards, Jorge writes advice based on his observations.

Everyone knows by now that tobacco is bad for you.

Besides that, it stinks! Most people are non-smokers, and when you don't smoke, the scent of cigarettes can be pretty nauseating. This is especially true when you're not used to it.

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So what happens when you're a non-smoker yourself and you start dating someone who puffs on death sticks all day long? You'll find out link enough if you're really dating a smoker, but here are some of the things you can expect:. Even unexpected things, like the bread that you left out on the kitchen counter or the sweater that you stowed away deep in the closet.

I would just hope that the common courtesy is there to not smoke in public or around the non-smoker. If I am alone for a 10 min. I know he wants to quit, and every time he mentions trying something I go into instant cheerleader mode. She said in all honesty to her, the lying and hiding would have bothering her more than the link. So he was quitting for himself, for health reasons, and doing so gradually.

Smokers get used to the smell of their burning leaves pretty quickly, so they may not even realize how much Should A Non Smoker Dating A Smoker stink. They might spray perfume all over themselves to try to hide click, but a trail of tobacco smell follows them everywhere they go, even long after their last smoking session.

Being exposed to this smell is just part of dating a smoker, and there are very few ways to get around it. By the way, the smell won't only get on their things. Whenever they hug you right after they've smoked, it will get on you.

Whenever you spend the night at their link, you will leave the next day smelling like an ash tray. Whenever you stand near them as they puff away, your hair is absorbing the smell, which it will slowly release for the next few minutes or hours or until you wash it.

Eventually, you'll probably get Should A Non Smoker Dating A Smoker to the smell yourself if you're dating a smoker. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, it won't bother you anymore. On the other hand, it will occasionally bother other people and you won't realize it. Most daily smokers need to periodically stop whatever they're doing to smoke.

Dates will be interrupted, road trips will be interrupted, and even work will be cut short for the smoker's fix. While they may have taken these breaks at one point because they simply enjoyed them, eventually smoking stops being entirely voluntary because they are addicted.

Should A Non Smoker Dating A Smoker

If you're dating a smoker, be aware that he or she may get grumpy if you delay their smoke break. They may go through withdrawals as well if you keep them from smoking for too long. If you normally don't spend a lot of time outdoors, get ready to frolic in the parking lot if you're dating a smoker.

Link, it's considered impolite or often illegal to smoke indoors when in public, so more often than not your partner will have to go outside to put some nails in their coffin. If you want to accompany them, take this as a chance to get in touch with Mother Nature. Admire the trees and the grass and the squirrels as you duck away from the clouds of poison gas.

If you've never been around someone who smokes every day, you may not realize what it does to the body. A chronic smoker will eventually damage their lungsoften leading to reduced lung function and excessive amounts of mucus.

Not only that, but smoking can cause poor circulation and other health problems that often get worse over time.

Dating a Smoker is Like Dating Anyone Else...With a Few Differences

This includes renal disease, a higher susceptibility to infection, and gum disease. Even erectile dysfunction is more common in smokers than in non-smokers. If your partner is young, the health effects that you see might be limited to getting a little winded climbing a flight of stairs or healing a bit slower than most people from sicknesses--but as they get older, the problems can become more serious.

If you live Should A Non Smoker Dating A Smoker a partner who smokes, you're more likely to start. Worse still, if you used to smoke and successfully quit, having a partner who smokes will make you much more likely to relapse. We tend to pick up the habits of those around us, after all.

You may have no interest in smoking right now, but every smoker was once a non-smoker, and it only takes that first curious cigarette to slowly begin the path towards habitual daily smoking.

If you are genetically predisposed to addictions especially, do yourself a favor and avoid smokers if you can--at least while they're smoking.

My boyfriend is a smoker. Blogs have provided us with a place where strong, honest and open women and men can share their thoughts and beliefs in respectful and truthful ways. I also dated someone who smoked. I hope that you can make the decision that is best for you.

Even at six feet awaystanding outdoors, you're still getting a bit of exposure. If you stand a fairly average foot-and-a-half away from your partner while they smoke two cigarettes, you could be getting roughly the same exposure that you would Should A Non Smoker Dating A Smoker a smokey bar. Unless you avoid your partner altogether while they smoke, you are getting exposed to some degree or another.

You could say that you're sharing the cigarettes together. Date who you want! Even if someone is a smoker, there could be all kinds of great personality traits that more than make up for it. However, keep the above things in mind. There are huge drawbacks to dating click smoker if you're a non-smoker. The health consequences are probably the biggest issues, too: It's hard to see the person you love continuing a daily habit that will almost certainly take a toll on their health someday.

While Should A Non Smoker Dating A Smoker not advisable to try to change your partner--you starting dating them because you loved who they were, after all--there's nothing wrong with lightly encouraging them to quit.

At the very least, let them know that you will support them in any way you can if they decide that it's time to stop. And for Pete's sake, don't start smoking yourself. If you fall into the habit as well, that will make it much harder for either of you to eventually quit, since you'll keep reinforcing each other. Nicotine is a crazy little chemical that won't set you free without a fight, so watch out! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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Should A Non Smoker Dating A Smoker

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. With a Few Differences Everyone knows by now that tobacco is bad for you. You'll find out soon enough if you're really dating a smoker, but here are some of the things you can expect: Cigarette smoke gets absorbed into everything.

Smelly Love Have you ever dated someone who smoked? I'm considering it right now. Bad Habits Have ever been a daily smoker?

Yes, I am right now. Yes, but I quit.