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11 Oct The Dating Divas have put the very BEST Holiday ideas & FUN all in one place! Thanksgiving Table Printable Bundle by Paper & Taigh - Impress your guest with these swoon-worthy Thanksgiving Table Printables! 12 Days of Christmas Service Idea by The Dating Divas- 'Tis the season for giving!. 7 Nov MAKE YOUR THANKSGIVING CELEBRATIONS SPECIAL! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the spirit of gratitude, thankfulness, and tradition that permeates the air. This round-up features the very the BEST Thanksgiving traditions out there! This round-up will help you have a very. I'm beyond excited to share a fun Valentine's date idea from the Dating Divas. Because it involves my favorite guy. Channing Tatum. You thought I was going to say Josh didn't you? Ha! Had you fooled. I'm not a new Channing fan. My love goes back to his Step Up days. I went with some of my good friends to see it on the.

July 19, Carolyn messages John on Facebook after hearing about him for months from her best friend, Michelle. He had delayed striking a conversation with a girl he had never met that lived hundreds of miles away. John was a bachelor focused Carolyn And John Dating Divas Thanksgiving his career, enjoyed his double days click here the gym, and relaxed by coming home to 2 side-by-side flat screen TVs in the living room.

Once Carolyn initiated contact, the two emailed back and forth for months and the messages grew longer and longer with time. Although they lived 8 hours apart, they began to realize why Michelle thought to introduce them.

November Carolyn purchases last minute plane tickets to spend Thanksgiving with her family in Northern California after hearing that John would also be spending Thanksgiving with his family in the same city.

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Without having prior arrangements to meet up, she hoped the two would connect while finally being just minutes away from each other. November 30, She asked John if he wanted to meet her since it was their last night before both would be going back home. John instantly replied, "Hell yeah! Carolyn And John Dating Divas Thanksgiving knew in that moment John was The One. They bar hopped the rest of the night together hand in hand while being entertained by the other Carty Party sister, Colette and John's brother-in-law, Chris.

The night ended with a kiss on the cheek as they wished each other safe travels back home. December 7, John cannot wait to see Carolyn again and books a flight 2 days after meeting in person to see her in Redondo Beach the following weekend. They spend the weekend together as Carolyn co-hosted her first Friends-Giving with her new roommates at her new apartment. John made their relationship Facebook official by changing his status from "single" to "in a relationship" the night he returned back home to the Bay Area.

January 1, You could see the twinkle in his eyes from a mile away, grinning from ear to ear! With horns blowing and others shouting "Happy New Year! May After spending more time with Carolyn and meeting her entire family at her 30th birthday party, John requests a job transfer to Los Angeles County. In his line of work, this is a process that could take months or even years.

March It would be over a year of weekend rendezvous to John's parents' beach house in Morro Bay, traveling 5 hours to see Carolyn And John Dating Divas Thanksgiving other, before John receives the exciting news that his transfer has been accepted.

Carolyn And John Dating Divas Thanksgiving

The couple jumped right into living with one another in Downtown Long Beach. Despite having only one flat screen TV in the Carolyn And John Dating Divas Thanksgiving room and a much smaller closet space, for the first time in a long time, John was really happy and said that Carolyn brought him back to life. June 7, On their year-and-a-half anniversary of dating, Carolyn finally catches her first bouquet at a friend's wedding after numerous failed attempts throughout the years.

January 29, After asking for her father's permission, John proposes to his girlfriend of 3 years in front of her entire family at Carolyn's Grandmother's 88th birthday party. Little sister to the bride! At Carolyn's college graduation party, Colette stood up and said if she could be anyone in the world, she would want to be her big sister.

My little 3-year-old was super excited about the idea of tracking down turkeys. Just not so sure how…. My favorite Valentines was last year when my amazing boyfriend now husband proposed using my mothers ring on the cliff where we first watched the sunset.

With mutual admiration for each other, the sisters have grown to be very close throughout the years! While they are separated by hundreds of miles, once here together things quickly turn into a "Carty Party"!

Although they won't be Cartys much longer, Colette has been looking forward to having John as a brother for quite some time. Cousin to the bride! Cherie once pulled John aside and asked him, "so when are you going to propose to my cousin?! Cherie knows how to turn the simplest task into a fun time!

I was going to have a baby soon and he thought it would be good while I was nursing. I just love valentines day! Then I realized he was right. It was really wonderful. You could see the twinkle in his eyes from a mile away, grinning from ear to ear!

Cherie rallied behind John and treated him like family long before he ever proposed to Carolyn. When Marissa found out the couple got engaged, she threw her phone in the air out of excitement and cried because she was so happy! She has always supported the couple and made sure that John felt like a part of the family.

Carolyn and Marissa have been co-workers, workout buddies, and will always be close friends in each other's lives. Christina played a crucial role in pairing the engaged couple.

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She encouraged John to meet Carolyn back in Christina had known Carolyn through her sister-in-law, Michelle, and they both agreed Carolyn and John would be the perfect match!

Without her persistence Carolyn And John Dating Divas Thanksgiving recommendation of Carolyn to her brother, the couple's existence might have never happened. Best friend to the bride for 15 years and the reason for the wedding season! Carolyn and Michelle met when they worked retail together in high school and later become roommates in their 20's.

They both followed their dreams and moved from Sacramento to Southern California and have always remained close. Michelle is the mastermind that introduced the couple and knew 10 years ago that the two were destined to be together. She had a plan to solve the long distance from Carolyn's condo in Temecula to John's place in San Fransisco and bring the couple together to meet in the middle.

Everything worked out just the way she hoped it would and the couple is forever indebted to her for that. Russ has been a great friend to John for almost a decade dating back to the start of his career. Although a 49er and Giants fan, John still found a way to make a great lifelong "Non-Raider" friendship.

Jeremy Hull aka was one of John's College roommates and best friends. Jeremy is one of the biggest sports fanatics on the planet and biggest Raider fans. Go Jeremy, Go Raiders!!!! If John could have had a brother, he wishes it was Chris. Chris is John's brother-in-law and one of the people continue reading truly looks up to.

Chris has always been a great friend and was there the first time John and Carolyn met. Scott is not only the Maid of Honor's husband, but a longtime friend of the couple. Scott is one of the couples "and everyones" favorite people to be around. Friends since grade school, Nick has always been a great friend to John and is one of the few people that knows him as Johnny.

Carolyn And John Dating Divas Thanksgiving

Nick and his family have always been a huge part of John's life and John has always thought of them as his own family. Nick has more stories about John than even he can remember. Sign up below and we'll remind you a month before the wedding to check back for all the details you need to know.

Lawn ceremony and reception- summer dresses with wedges or sandals for the ladies and casual pants with a short sleeve collared shirt for the gentlemen.

Keep in mind that in Hawaii if we encounter a passing shower, it is considered a blessing. Here Carty - Bridesmaid. Cherie Dandoy - Bridesmaid. Marissa Dandoy - Bridesmaid. Christina Mundy - Bridesmaid. Michelle Trujillo - Maid of Honor. Russ Kniep - Groomsman. Jeremy Hull - Groomsman.

Chris Mundy - Groomsman. Scott Trujillo - Groomsman. Looking for gift ideas? Need a place to stay during the wedding?

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Carolyn and John

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