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Hey Reddit: What was the first game you actually owned? : gaming

This game featured remakes of classic arcade games in a game which the character has to complete all games in a time limit to fight a computer virus infecting the arcade games. It captured the elements of social gaming in an arcade and was great fun. Screenshot of Paku Paku (inner screen), a remake of a Retrogame. 7 Romantic Dating Sim Games for Wooing Digital Lovers #Gaming # Free_Games #Online_Dating #music #headphones #headphones . Dream Daddy is a dating sim headed to Steam on July In it, you'll help sexy dads hookup with other dads. Naturally, the .. Mock-up screenshots if there is les mis dating sim game. I'm. Galaga; (NES) I played this game a -lot- whenever our neighbors were gone on vacation and my family housesat for them they would let me play their NES . Gain Ground ; (Arcade) It's an off-putting game when you first place it, for sure, thanks to the paltry number of tiny, clumsy, crazy-slow sprites crawling.

What's new New posts Latest activity. Discussions Gaming Discussion JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Retro Games of the Decade: Thread starter timetokill Start date Apr 2, Prev 1 2 3 4 Next.

First Prev 3 of 4 Go to page. Jasconius Member Apr 4, Contra; NES This game taught me the thrill of finally beating a game after trying so many times - I beat it on the very last day I was staying at my relatives' house Dream Daddy Hookup Sim Game Screenshots Galaga Arcade Indiana before we had to leave and I wouldn't have a chance to play it again for a long time, and I was super excited about it!

Also still sometimes how I estimate city populations to this date due to how much I stared at the copy protection list. Rogue; PC I never beat this but I loved it anyway! I even kept a list of all of the monster-letter abbreviations with notes that I put up on my first website I made many years later! Zork I; PC Drew I really loved this game too even though I can't even remember beating it!

Rocket Ranger; PC This game was so awesome!

Even with the ridiculous copy protection! Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Dark Castle; PC I can more info remember a bunch of the sound effects and some levels from this game perfectly even though I haven't played it in years probably Galaga; NES I played this game a -lot- whenever our neighbors were gone on vacation and my family housesat for them they would let me play their NES!

Gauntlet II; PC I still remember the time I got the farthest I had ever gotten in the game and then I spawned in between 4 walls and couldn't do anything x. Sopwith; PC The version I had for the was called Red Baron, but this is definitely the right game - it took me a really long time to get any good at it, kept crashing all the time!

Lode Runner; Apple I played this game every time I went to my parents' friends' house!

Still one of my all time faves. Intense and always fun. Is everyone a small business owner here? The Black Bass x.

I never got that good, but I liked watching them play because they were sort of obsessed with it at the time Actually, I really did play this a lot Paperboy; NES Just fun! Archon; Atari The other one! It amazes me seeing so many PC games in the thread. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome -- but I didn't realize so many of them actually came out in the 80's. It wasn't until the 90's that I had a halfway decent machine, so I had somehow imagined most of these great 80's games actually came out later.

I tried every configuration I could to get it to run, and it never did. I must have read the manual and included storybook so many times that I could imagine the game running in my head.

I never did get it to run, though. Cafeman Member Apr 5, With analog paddle controllers. Think you know what fast is? There's nothing else like it.

Retro Games of the Decade: 1980's Edition

Zaxxon - early SEGA goodness. The flight stick, the cold sound see more space, the '3D' perspective. Star Wars - coin-op version,sit-down cab, with voice clips and the SW music. Dragon's Lair - I always liked it. It drew people in. The art was so wonderful, and if you bought Joystik magazine, you knew how to beat all the levels. Even the black knight and the lizard king!

River Raid Atari and other systems. Compare your average Atari gameor Pac-Man, to this. This game was incredibly fun and playable. On the hardware too! Robotron - Euguene Jarvis' masterpiece, still as fun and crazy today as the first day I played it and died quickly. I was there for all of them.

Balloon Fight ; Every month or so I play this game again. Volume 2 Available April ! SVC Chaos to the Xbox in

Tain Member Apr 5, There's no nostalgia in this list. I grew up playing games, sure, but I know so much more now. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what was going on in and up in arcades and on consoles, and I feel that I know enough about and prior to know that I like very few games from those years. One area that I absolutely lack knowledge in, however, is home computer games of the 80s.

PC gaming started in the 90s for me, and I've never looked very far back. Especially not into the mountains of European stuff.

Dream Daddy Hookup Sim Game Screenshots Galaga Arcade

As a result, I'm practically braindead when it comes to, say, older strategy games. Ultimately, I feel like could spend months on end doing this and still not be sure with the results. I feel like my votes here wouldn't count for much since mine would be a lot of Japan exclusives. I'll still probably cast my votes, even though I'll be the only person who votes for some of the stuff I want to list. So hard to rank. Cheesemeister Member Apr 5, Super Mario Bros 2 ; Famicom Disk System A refinement of the earlier platformer that did momentum-based movement so very well.

And the stages, this time around, will make sure you get really intimate with all of these rules. Updated with US names all around, wasn't really thinking there. Truly awesome post, Tain. Great picks, too, though I never got a chance to even see Gain Ground in an arcade near me.


IrishNinja Member Apr 5, Contra - One of the best co-op experiences to date. Exploring and travelling around an unknown alien world was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. Here Gear - Tactical espionage action before i knew what those first two words even meant.

Mrs Pac-Man is better, though. Top Secret Episode - This was the first game i thought was "badass" in the day. FUCK i forgot bubble bobble.

Video games

Minsc Member Apr 5, Really hard for to do I'd need to sit down and take a real hard look at it. But here we go Some of the most challenging dungeon designs in RPG history, and a great dystopian future setting that was unheard of for the time. Also has one of the darkest game endings in history and filled with plot twists that constantly kept you on your toes.

A fan of Final Fantasy and the early Dragon Quest games, this game just felt lightyears ahead when I saw it for the first time at a friend's house. This game made me near-exclusive to the Japanese RPG genre. Control Mario as you try and tear down various construction sites. Graphics and soundtrack were beyond anything else on the console at the time, the level design was excellent as well. The nonlinear, open ended world and feeling of adventure the game had was a joy to behold.

Trying to solve the puzzles and make my way through the dungeons while my family helped me out was awesome. Nowadays, the series is known for being so stale and rote, I just wish Nintendo would axe Aonuma and make something this interesting again.

Dream Daddy Hookup Sim Game Screenshots Galaga Arcade

The most important game ever made, even if it's not my favorite. Insanely detailed graphics for the time, great music, and classic run 'n gun gameplay Go here challenging and has a big world with lots of secrets. The internal anatomy theme was very cool and creepy, music was to die for too.

Between this, Jackal, and Contra, I became a massive Konami fan so this gen is really painful to me to see them practically wither up and die. I love the little bassline ditty the game plays, as well as the funny animations on the balloons flying back and forth.

It's a pretty simple game, as befitting a game frombut it oozes charm for me. Pac Man, Ultima IV: Dash Kappei Not actually that important Apr 5, After culling my list, it seems a bit cruel to make us choose 10 from the entire 80s, and then 10 from alone. Perhaps an Early 80s up toand could include 70s games too and a late 80s thread would have been a better lead-up to the individual years threads.

I know this ship has probably sailed, but any way we can do yearly for through ?