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Fluff Someone is using Steam in Antarctica i. I can't imagine being the first group of explorers that ran into a storm like that. Makes me want to look up the history of settling into Antarctica. Frostbite and death were common themes.


The book said that if you poured boiling water from a kettle at head height it would be freezing by the time it hit the ground. I never believed that statement until I saw that video right now. Here's his wiki page Here's a wiki article about the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration A badass name for badass people.

This saw the race to reach the South Pole lost to Roald Amundsen and ended in the deaths of Scott and his polar party. During this expedition, Crean's 35 statute miles 56 km solo walk across the Ross Ice Shelf to save the life of Edward Evans led to him receiving the Albert Medal for Lifesaving. The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration was an era which began at the end of the 19th century, and ended after the First World War; the Shackleton—Rowett Expedition of —22 is often cited by historians as the dividing line between the "Heroic" and "Mechanical" ages.

During the Heroic Age period the Antarctic continent became the focus of international efforts that resulted in intensive scientific and geographical exploration, in which 17 major Antarctic expeditions were launched from ten countries. The common factor in these expeditions was the limited nature of the resources available to them before advances in transport and communication technologies revolutionized the work of exploration. This meant that each expedition became a feat of endurance that tested, and sometimes exceeded its personnel's physical and mental limits.

The video is sfw.

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It's showing off what condition 1 weather looks like in Antarctica. Now I am watching YT documentaries on Antarctica. Who knows what I'll be watching in a couple hours. I think the Nazis did an experiment where copulation was the second most effective way of warming people up. If I was stuck in a frozen base with nothing really to do for large periods of time I know what would be at the top of my list.

Have to also take into account vasectomies, menopause, and other misc things continue reading would make pregnancy a non issue.

Course they're still recommended to prevent against STIs, but I'd hope that would also be a non issue. Also they can get shipments more than once a year.

Though STI's are probably the primary worry, because if you don't plot against they can spread very fast. Not just nerds down there.

Curve Game Meme Hookup The Same Guy Twice Members

Well, if it's two males having sex then they'd use the same amount. Plus thats only having sex once a day and with no issues with the condom having one tear or slip off or just start feeling very uncomfortable so you switch to a new one. They're by no means celebate but it's not a giant orgy either. Well, there's a lot more men than women, and apparently sexualities get flexible on the ice If you're at McMurdo station, kind of a lot actually.

There's 2 bars and a coffeeshop. A bowling alley with manual pin setters! Every year the SAR team sets up safe flagged routes so you can go for a hike or check out skis to take a tour.

There are free boondoggles if you're quick to get to a sign-up sheet—I got on tours of the ice caves and of Scott's Terra Nova hut. You would think that either Brunswick or AMF would want to hop on the opportunity just to say that they've got pinsetters all the way down in Antarctica.

She looks around her, what does she see?

The book said that if you poured boiling water from a kettle at head height it would be freezing by the time it hit the ground. That like early 20's numbers. Ugh you're just not getting it. The station is the largest community in Antarctica, capable of supporting up to 1, residents, and serves as one of three United States Antarctic science facilities.

Nothing but open snow. It's interesting how some people talk about how much sex that is while others talk about how little Not trying to make any assumptions BUT My guess is the people who think that's a lot of sex either get their sex through hookups or have been married for a long time.


I've been married for 3 years, and sex every days doesn't seem like a lot of sex lol. Thats not that much sex. Imagine you have a girlfriend. You can use 1 condom every 3 days. Thats actually not enough. Also a large number of people in a committed relationship would be using other methods of contraception.

Only thing I gleaned from that article is that I am more likely to get laid in Antarctica than where I am now. You really see the dedication of the entire community to keep it clean and do their research well but then still be pretty laid back about being stuck on a huge piece of ice. Click here they know how to let loose.

Am I not allowed to play occasionally? Here's his wiki page Here's a wiki article about the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration A badass name for badass people. Juicy Couture classic top, baby size months.

It's the Zucchelli Stationand from what I've found they use mostly satellite internet https: Yeah but strangely enough it's only the Marambio Base that has access through Wifi, the rest of Antarctica does not use it for some reason the networks doesn't go any further?

Zucchelli Station is over km from Marambio Base. Not dumb, just map projection is wierd. Even common school globes are "wrong", as they don't commonly project 1: I can't exactly take a few steps back to the whole thing though, can I?

No, it is still wrong, as it is mathematically impossible to accurately map a sphere to a flat plane. It's just more clever about where it's wrong. At the time of its construction it was the first airfield in Antarctica and is still one of the most frequently used ones due to its suitability for wheeled landing, for which it is called "Antarctica's Entrance Door" Spanish: It is also Argentina's most important base in the continent.

It's because the ocean currents moderate the temperature. The interior is much more unforgiving. Satellite internet can get pretty decent bandwidth, the ping is total garbage though. Guessing its not counter strike that they are playing there Could even be that they just use it to download games and never actually play anything that is multiplayer. If the only other thing you are doing is chatting with friends you probably wouldn't care that a message would take a couple seconds to deliver.

I have a friend who was a fireman there for 6 months.

Curve Game Meme Hookup The Same Guy Twice Members

Played a lot of video games, watched a lot of movies and drank a lot of liquor. Did not put out any fires. The Iridium satellite constellation provides voice and data coverage to satellite phones, pagers and integrated transceivers over the Earth's Curve Game Meme Hookup The Same Guy Twice Members surface.

Iridium Communications owns and operates the constellation, additionally selling equipment and access to its services. It was originally conceived by Bary Bertiger, Raymond J. Leopold and Ken Peterson in late and protected by patents by Motorola in their names in and then developed by Motorola on a fixed-price contract from July 29,to November 1,when the system became operational and commercially available. The constellation consists of 66 active satellites in orbit required for global coverage, and additional spare satellites to serve in case of failure.

Based on the fact it's on an island it looks more likely that the dot is the McMurdo station. No no what you really want is a Savannah accident, which is more like molasses, just spillin out of your mouth.

It's just one murder that lasts all season because there aren't enough people to do a new murder every episode. It's about how the detail of the investigation takes a while, but the evidence is frozen, and it's just a season of character development with a murder investigation in the background.