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My presentation was on internet marketing within a Pan-African context.

The 3 Best Online Dating Sites in Kenya

In the course of doing my research using Alexa http: Okay, there are the usual suspects like Yahoo! However, even within the top ten, as of this writing, there are many that I had not anticipated, especially those that are social networking sites.

I think the following findings are extremely important for anyone looking to leverage the Internet as a key marketing channel in Kenya, targeting Kenyans:. I am guessing here but I would bet that the main activity on this site is email and perhaps online chat. There are so many people who have Yahoo! So, if I were a marketer trying to reach out online in Kenya, Most Popular Dating Sites In Kenya would buy ads in Yahoo!

Google, unless you have been under a rock for the past few years is a company bent on world domination, more info Their mainstays, and core business remains internet search and online ads. Currently, Google is in the process of finalizing their acquisition of DoubleClick http: I was pleasantly surprised to find just how popular this site is at number four 4 in Kenya. This ranking also suggests to me that lots of companies are losing productivity as all their workers are busy poking and adding friends to their lists every day.

At the same time, any marketer should salivate at the opportunity to reach the Kenyan FaceBook market. A few months ago, FaceBook launched profile pages which let companies market themselves to FaceBook users. Windows Live Search http: A latecomer to the search game, Live Search has grown significantly in the Of Free Dating Sites In few years but still lags a distant third to Google and Yahoo!

Like with the other leading search engines, Live Search enables advertisers to market their offerings using sponsored listings, much like Google Adwords. Hi5, like FaceBook, is a popular social network. On a global scale, it lags far behind but for some reason seems to do better across several African Countries.

This site, like FaceBook, presents an interesting marketing platform. I must admit that the high ranking of YouTube at number seven 7 was a big surprise. Now, in Kenya, where we are well accustomed to slow internet connections and erratic online experiences, people are actually spending a significant amount online watching streaming videos!

A BIG hint is that video growing fast online and any marketer should look at repurposing their content for a YouTube.

Most Popular Dating Sites In Kenya

The site, which integrates a whole host of Microsoft offerings, has done well in the last few years as more and more users and businesses migrate to online business. As a marketing channel, together with Windows Live Search, this site presents an excellent platform to reach Kenyans. Blogger is a leading site for users to create their own blogs. As blogs gain more and more momentum online, Kenya has not been left behind and a good number of Kenyan themed blogs are out there.

RapidShare is a file sharing web site that lets you upload up Most Popular Dating Sites In Kenya as a single file.

The free service is surprisingly high at number ten 10especially considering that like YouTube, Kenya does not have the best internet infrastructure for this kind of thing. It would also appear that users in Kenya like to exchange files, probably in the form of music, applications and documents, online. These sites round off the top ten. In terms of the best of the rest, here are the notable sites with online marketing opportunities in the top twenty The Daily and Sunday Nation http: The East African Standard http: He also currently serves as the Commercial Manager in East Africa for the Perform Group, the leading global digital sports media business that owns Goal.

Moses is also an award-winning and often quoted TechBlogger at MosesKemibaro. Thanks for the feedback. I actually extracted the rankings from the Alexa ratings specifically for Kenya. You can access the same at. The listing is actually the full top sites and http: I also recommend the author to list sites owned by Kenyans or which operates Most Popular Dating Sites In Kenya Kenya.

Here is the updated list of the most popular Kenyan blogs and websites in Kenya. Kindly update the list. Hey Moses, l found this a great read. Thanksi was wondering where to start on deciding where to place a message. Hope to meet you soon. Nice survey, but i have to differ with the actuality of the stats. Hey guyz pliz check out vishasha.

Thats an intersting point. I doubt just cyber cafes click the following article responsible for the large amount of traffic heading to Yahoo. However, I was just using data from Alexa.

This gave me an idea. What if I could do a periodical round up of interesting Kenyan and International web sites that I come across every so often.

May 26, at 7: I recommend sites from time to time, not because I get a tiny commission if you click on the links and make a purchase, but because, I want you to focus on the places that will deliver you the most value and the best results. Tribe Kenya is a country of roughly 43b tribes Your stand on polygamy Willing to relocate Where you stay Religion Ability to speak English Ability to speak French Horoscope Have children if yes how many Want children Home types Occupation Type of employment and so on… You can even fill in your bust size if you like. Buy credits to unlock many Badoo.

Another inspiration behind this idea is the Blog IT column in Adam Magazine to which I made a contribution a few months ago. So, now, here it is, the first edition of SiteReview!

Kemibaro, thanks for the networking sites that you parlayed on this article. I would like to add Linked in http: I went through Alexa and was thoroughtly impressed with the amount of information available.

Interestingly you can even tell which particular areas on the site people are interested in. Is my inference correct? Also, is it possible to tell how many people visit a website — say yahoo-actual figures not percentages? Alexa cannot track the internal pages that most people will visit. This information is normally available to the site owner by analyzing their log files using a software like Webtrends.

Top 10 Dating Apps in Africa | Muva, Kenya

Another way to track traffic link by installing a site traffic tool like Google Analytics. These tools provide very detailed information on actual hits and unique visitors to a web site.

I hope this information helps? Well i just wanted to make some clarifications concerning alexas indexing service. Well over and above the one hundred free analytics given by alexa,you can for some fee acquire all the detailed information pertaining to your site.

This information will include the actual hits per page,the unique visitors,where they have been reffered from,their browsers and all such other information.

Most Popular Dating Sites In Kenya

All these can be found on their site under http: So instead of wishing to make the top ten,you can actually work towards it. Well as for http: But you sacrificed too much for form over function. By using too much flash the search robots have problems seeing your site and reading i. I have a problem with how Alexa gathers its information.

This would make the rankings a bit bias though not entirely false. Would you mind clarifying this? Some time last year, I posted a story on the 10 most popular web sites in Kenya. Its interesting to see as below just how different the ranking stands when it comes to the mobile […]. Thanks for the statistics. Am also of the opinion that over and above the top ten world websites, you can rank Kenyan sites and that will be of much benefit to Kenyans and their websites.

This is an accurate listing. How about sites and blog platforms that are owned by individuals and receiving great returns and traffic. It would be nice to rate individual effort on sites and know who is on top in Kenya self-made webmasters.

Cheating Spouses Targeted by Kenyan Radio Host

This one is great but Google and facebook are not truly kenya. You should do another top 10 list. This one is now outdated.

The top 10 has changed massively. Look out for that soon. A must read for the people following this thread. Top Sites in Kenya as of Jan […]. Im also shocked by Kenyan lyrics, i know the developer, he started out from the most humble of beginnings if im not wrong a year ago….

For those who havent seen it; http: And of course Chester House apartments, budget, serviced and otherwise is gaining….

You can use the People Nearby and the Encounters feature to make friends and date or chat. That way, you will find the sign up process easy and fast. Paid membership You can use different credit cards to pay, and even PayPal.

Still on the issue of rankings, how come those on blogger have lost their rankings despite maintaining the same stats. Traffic on my site http: Infact, fb has created a channel through which companies can advertise their goods and services both locally and internationally and with the population on facebook, good marketing can lead to increased sales and publicity……besides taking a break and catching up with friends once in a while in the office is not such a bad thing now or is it??

Hi Moses,thanks for taking your time to collect data and come op with these new statistics,this right here is a a very informative article,i am of the opinion that these websites should be put in some sort of categories like for example: