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15 Honest Reasons Women Say They Don't Want To Get Married

Marriage isn't necessary for women to be mothers. First of all, 40 percent of babies are born to single moms, and there's a very good chance that percentage will rise as the stigma of being a single mother becomes less and less. There's also the fact that, thanks to technology, you don't even need a man if you want to have a. 22 Sep Marriage isn't for everyone, especially these days. In , the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that million Americans 16 years and older were single ― or percent of the population ― compared with percent of the population in What's behind the decision to stay single? Below, 7 Jul I'm now 27 and I still don't want to get married or have children. My parents are fine One person even told me I would never truly understand what it meant to be a woman if I didn't become a wife and mother. This strange woman doesn't want the thing that I want so she must be lashing out at me for it.

For a long time, admitting this in public was akin to taking off your clothes in a crowded building: People would gawk, act far more shocked than seemed necessary, then do everything in their power to convince me otherwise.

You just need to find the right person and then the door will open in your mind. Why would you want to reject such institutions? Is this a feminist thing?

Unless somehow in the future we start dating again it was not a bad break up. I'm good to buy my own towels. We are a family, for sure, married or not. I always assumed when I was a little girl that I would get married one day, I was never here exposed to the idea that people can have fulfilling relationships that don't involve marriage.

As I got older, entering the definitive period of adulthood, interrogations over my future plans became a near daily occurrence, particularly after I graduated university. People would ask about my job prospects, whether or not I wanted a mortgage, that kind of thing, and inevitably the topic would return to marriage and kids.

OMG, I'd never feel secure in a relationship without being married. I feel that the love and trust my relatioship has only goes so far. I just don't want the attention. And sure, a toaster and crock pot would be nice bonuses: My parents are happily married and I know marriage is not an inherently rotten institution, but I can be happy by myself too.

As friends started to pair off, have beautiful weddings and adorable babies, some people accepted my decisions, but others took it upon themselves to decipher the puzzle in my mind that had left them baffled.

My parents are fine with that, as are most of my family and friends. Yet casual acquaintances and total strangers cannot get over this.

Some even get hostile, badgering me on the apparent selfishness of not wanting to populate the planet with miniature versions of myself. I immediately checked the time to see if it was There is something about an independent woman that terrifies our society.

Any demonstration of unruliness or dismissal of the narrow bondage of patriarchy still leads to a hundred think-pieces and countless morning chat show panels debating the pros and cons of a personal decision.


Throw into the mix a rejection of what our culture to this day deems the primary role of women, and all hell breaks loose. To many, marriage and parenthood are seen as a moral obligation.

A recent study published in Sex Roles revealed the moral outrage that a significant percentage of participants felt at the prospect of a hypothetical couple choosing click not have children.

Women Who Dont Want To Get Married

I never dreamed of my wedding, which is just as well, because I look terrible in white and hate being the centre of attention. The same goes for children: My dreams for the next 50 years centre on me: The places I want to go, the people I want to meet, the books I want to write and the challenges I wish to set for myself.

Women Who Dont Want To Get Married

I possess zero maternal instinct, and even imagining having kids makes me uncomfortable. Despite the evidence to the contrary, the childfree single woman is frequently perceived as elitist or scornful.

Sad spinsters, strange witch-like spectres, the bastardization of the feminine. If I ever were to change my mind - not unfeasible but highly unlikely - then what do these people gain from that?

Is a fleeting moment of smug satisfaction so valuable to them? Of course, women are damned either way: Choose single life and be smeared as somehow tainted or unloveable; enjoy life as a straight woman and risk slut-shaming or societal stigma; live outside of the heteronormative gaze and be subjected to all kinds of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and associated marginalization.

Even for those who choose marriage and children, their options and the expectations are smothering.

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I get paid to write stuff! The possibilities of the unknown thrill me, but always with the certainty that I can do it alone, because being alone and being lonely are not the same thing.

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Power to everyone for making the choices with their lives they want to, regardless of societal pressure or moral expectations. And to all of you who still think that one day I may change my mind….