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Some brachytherapists will have a diagnostic radiologist present to hold the transducer and monitor depth and target volume coverage, while others will use their dominant hand for needle insertion and the other hand to hold the transducer (Fig. a). Ultrasound-guided brachytherapy catheter hook-up and treatment. 15 Jul Scientists have invented the world's first ultrasound scanner for smartphones, which could revolutionise healthcare in countries where the technology is not widely available. The MobiUS scanner plugs straight into smartphones and tablets, providing an instant scan image on the mobile device's screen. And while crew medical officers receive some diagnostic training, the nearest doctors and fully equipped hospitals are miles away on Earth. Future astronauts on long-term Moon or Mars expeditions will face even greater challenges. The ISS does have an ultrasound machine — at pounds, much smaller than its.

Katie in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania said: Hi my name is Katie! I'm a senior in high school right now and am planning on attending college next year with an undeclared major for now at least. I've been looking into ultrasound and I think it'd be the perfect career for me, but I really want to go to college so I can have "the college experience".

I want to major in something in the health field and was thinking having a bachelor's degree could help me out later if I decide to go into an ultrasound program after I graduate. What would be good majors to take that could help me in the ultrasound field or could help me get a job later on? This web page thought maybe something in health care management would be a good option but I really dont know.

If you have any ideas let me know! Katie, If you're thinking about utlrasound, why not get a bachelor's degree in that??

It seems like a waste of time and money to have a degree to "get in" to ultrasound. There are schools that offer bachelors programs in this field.

There are advanced degrees as well. But if you really have to do it the way you're suggesting, the things that are helpful are physics of sound in particularanatomy, physiology, medical terminology, etc. I saw someone here suggest biologybut I have not seen any practical application for that. Unless you have a human bio course, but plant stuff, you definitely don't need. Ultrasound is not like other imaging modalities. This is a 'think on your feet' kind of job. Click work closely with your physicians and radiologists.

They rely on your opinions and competency more than in any other imaging. Your opinion may make the difference between someone going to the OR or being sent home. You absolutely HAVE to know your stuff.

You'll see patients at their best, happiest moments, and also at some of their worst. You will have the opportunity to make a difference to people every single day. Were they hired with or without their RDMS?

Im about to finish my program and am not sure where to go next. Not sure if I want to take my exams first or try to work a bit.

I see ads that say registry eligible is OK and I know students get hired that way, A girl I recently talked to said she didnt get any call backs until she was registered. But she was from an unknown program and unaccredited. Here advice would be to get your exams out of the way ASAP. You're already in the studying groove, why not just finish them off.

If you graduate and get a job as 'eligible', your exams will hang over your head.

When Can I Get A Hookup Ultrasound

Employers want that from you. The more you give them up-front, I think the better it looks. I was hired as a new grad without mine You just get out of the habit of studying.

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And it gets WAY harder. There are jobs out there. If you're willing to move, especially. If you're in a program-saturated area, of course you'll have trouble. I was from central PA where there are like 4 or 5 programs within a few hours of each other. I moved to central WA to get my job.


Hi everyone, I just wanted to see if I could get some advice from an Ultrasound Technician who can talk to me about the field. I am looking to enroll into a program in Irving and just need a little advice. Is there anyone available? Amanda in Reno, Nevada said: I'm unhappy because hospitals take advantage of Sonographers. We are always so short staffed and doing the job of 3 people, I had to move across the country away from my family just to find a full time job, and we are not compensated well at all for what we do What would I do differently?

You have it so much easier, but is easier better? I've been graduated for a year, with registries, and cannot find a job. Florida high school shooter is booked into jail on 17 counts of murder as it's revealed 'disturbed' student's mental state deteriorated after his adoptive mother died from the flu last year. I've heard working in a hospital straight away is good for new techs so they can see the most pathology and they can usually get a job that other more senior sonographers don's want - like nights and weekends. Hi everyone, I just wanted to see if I could get some advice from an Ultrasound Technician who can talk to me about the field.

I would have never went into Ultrasound in the first place! I'm currently going back to school for a much better career, where I'm respected.

People think our career is some fun thing, where we get to scan babies all day here but it's much more than that exposed to body fluid and vaginal blood, getting vomitted on, peed on ect. The stress alone takes a big toll on you and the honeymoon phase of the job burns out fast.

I want to major in something in the health field and was thinking having a bachelor's degree could help me out later if I decide to go into an ultrasound program after I graduate. I started out in nursing. I am hoping I don't seem too young for the program. Get to know her.

Take it from me I love my job. I do everything but transrectal ultrasounds thank goodness. I'm in an outpatient clinic and that's the job I wanted.

If you like the craziness of a hospital setting, you can work that as well. I think people forget that they're not locked in to one type of facility with this job.

When Can I Get A Hookup Ultrasound

My advice would be to do your homework ahead of time. Find out what kind of environment would work best for you. You couldn't pay me to do Xray.

And I think nurses are more over-worked than we are! And get puked and pooped on WAY more than we do. I do suggest looking hard at the job. It's definitely not for everyone. But I know that I make a difference every day. Finding an ultrasound job is very frustrating right now. I graduated in Nov. I've filled out about or so applications and have had 4 interviews 3 over the phone as I'm applying all over the USA. If it's what you want to do go for it but just beware that When Can I Get A Hookup Ultrasound will take time and it's not easy.

Message me if interested. Need When Can I Get A Hookup Ultrasound get rid of them willing to negotiate a good price zoonzoon live. Mauve in Ocala, Florida. This is my first time on this forum an I love my job as an echocardiographer. I,m typically give 1 hr per pt. Only go to an accredited school becauce it will be difficult to get a job; unless you have a "hook up". I consider it a very unique profession that most people haven't the slightest idea about.

If anybody has any questions please e-mail me and I,ll get into the details. I hope this remark was posted. Does this job link a lot of lifting?

I am female, petite, 4'11 in height and weigh only lbs, plus I have sciatica and a bad L shoulder. Would this job put someone like me of height and weight at disadvantage to meet the physical demands of the job? To do --echo or vascular, or general. Please adviceit will be of great help. Ultrasound lady in Lexington, Kentucky. I have been reading all of the comments concerning sonography.

I am one of the "old school" as we were so kindly called by someone, but it was not as easy as you may think.

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I started out in nursing. The dr I worked for wanted to learn more about US so we both attended no less than conferences per year. We had one book by Hobbins and Berkowitz and one physics book. No schools were in our area.

After 15 yrs and finally learning about being able to become registered, I sat for the boards and passed the first time. You have it so much easier, but is easier better? I really can't say. What I see in students we having rotating through our clinic is they want to know everything NOW, no patience for learning the correct way.

One day when I retire, I will miss being the person who says "It's a boy! I will miss being able to rejoice with them during the good times and to cry with them when the outcome is not so good. You asked about stress? If you strive to be the very best at any job you have, there will be stress.