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Vault works reasonably well and is used to store multiple handguns, spare magazines, and a couple boxes of ammunition. Seems well-built, but not a fan of the cover for key access as I suspect it will easily break.

The biometric reader is okay, although I hope it starts working more consistently once I get used to it's idiosyncrasies.

Plus, I would have preferred a combination as back-up to the biometric reader, and a key if both fail. My biggest complaint is the speed, noise, and roughness with There is no stealthiness when accessing the vault. A soft opening, at least at the end of the process, would be nice. This is my second Hdx The biometric reader has never given me problems. I bought one to try it out. We liked it so much that we bought another for the downstairs.

I needed a simple keyed lockbox to secure firearm in car when not legal to carry, such as a hospital, school, or other posted places. Heated Manufacturer Part Number: Search All Motorcycle Parts For: The only bad part was the handle seemed loose when you open or shut it.

I liked this one because it has biometrics, keypad, and a keyed lock. It takes two finger prints for two people. Works great for my wife and I.

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Biometrics works flawless for both of us. Quick and easy to to get into the safe fast. I was replacing my gunvault with a keypad. I realized it wasn't fast enough to access in a panic situation. Love this safe and recommend it to friends. In short, a great way for you and ONLY you to quickly access your weapon.

Text Match Mobile Hookup Scout Bags On Clearance

I was determined to find a good means of securing my handgun when our son was born, but I also wanted easy access in case of an emergency. This click the following article set all my criteria perfectly.

After figuring out the slightly difficult instructions, it can be set up so that two people can have both a primary and secondary fingerprint. This helped me since now I can open it with either hand. I'm not sure how long its batteries last Finally, the safe's padding inside doesn't have a specific mold to it, so you can use it as a safe for other things, too. I purchased this safe yesterday and after unpacking, removing the pallet and installing it, I overlooked everything and taking in consideration to what one of the previous reviewers noted about the 4 locking lugs on the hinges side missing, I checked mine out.

My safe has these lugs. I purchased it from the store in Tallahassee. The only thing that I didn't noticed prior to purchase was the shelving inside is made of particle boards. I hate particle, it's cheap and over time will sag. Can't beat the warranty!!! What a big safe for the price. Was a snap to open cause the battery was in it already. Mine has the 12 locking bolts and works fine.

Packing Light & Right with Sarah Murdoch

Yes the boards are cheap but for the price id say make the shelfs yourself if they sag. You wont find a better lifetime warranty. The only bad part was the handle seemed loose when you open or shut it. Not sure how to tighten that but If you can get this safe for the sale price of do it you wont be disapointed. It works well on a nightstand and can be accessed rather easily.

Depending on where you plan on putting it, it will work very well. I preferred to have it discreetly mounted between the bed and nightstand instead of on top of the nightstand.

It is compact enough to fit on my desk this web page the bed and is safe enough i do not worry about my grandson or anyone else getting into it. I have it bolted down with here screws supplied and it is a "safe" safe.

I currently own two of these safes and to date have never had any issues with them to include the electronic locks. Just change the battery every years and no problems. They are not the ultimate secure safe; given enough time and effort no safe is impenetrable. But for the price, peace of mind and the interior accessories I would buy them again.

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Waiting for the 64 gun 12 bolt to go on sale. Purchased this safe on sale in store. Overall it came in good condition, the interior shelves seem warped and the fabric is cheap and coming off Text Match Mobile Hookup Scout Bags On Clearance places. I will probably use different material and make new shelves.

There was a small corner on the floor board that was broken but not enough to care about it. It looks like it should last me awhile and keep my weapons and documents safe. The keypad does feel cheap and from what I gathered, it can't be replaced with anything else. If there is a fire, I'm concerned this open enough space will allow smoke find its way in and damage the contents. Is there any evidence that robbers are bringing mini grinders into homes and breaking into gun safes?

Besides no one has to know you have Have most vintage milsurp rifles and I can fit roughly 55 rifles in once all of the other furniture is Text Match Mobile Hookup Scout Bags On Clearance. If buying online prepare to wait, possibly all day. Well 1 turned to 3, then 6, then 8, then finally arriving at 8: Great safe but be prepared for an all day affair.

I'm so happy that I found this exact safe! It's everything I wanted and then some! Easy to punch in the code to open, I definitely recommend this safe! This is a very nice safe. The only thing I did not like is this web page plastic clips that hold up the shelves did not click very strong.

The instructions are clear and the packaging prevented any damage. Item came exactly as described and looks "medium-to-heavy" duty. Would have been even better if it were heavier and more to the "heavy-to-very-heavy" duty with withstand any circumstances. Will hold a full size or a sub like my Glock 33, two mags and a box of ammo with no issues.

Secures with cable to softside suitcase very quickly. Wasn't looking for a gun safe, just a fire resistant safe for papers. This fills the bill. Not what I would call a high quality unit, but "Made in China", so what should I expect. Overall an OK unit. Exactly what I expected. No Really what I expected.

Text Match Mobile Hookup Scout Bags On Clearance

I need 50 characters. This 1 met all criteria fairly well. Easy to use and makes my house a safer place. Sorry for the time lapse but I've had one for about two years and it's still holding up good. It's for smaller items and easy to conceal or if you're saving space.

I bought this for my parents. The only thing is the clip makes it a little tricky to close and open it. I am really happy with my purchase. It was delivered before the promised date. Delivery person was extremely helpful and professional. Glad to get the product and feel much better about leaving my residence as I live in the country and feel m property will still be there when I return. Very pleased with this purchase!

Great Service and fast delivery.

Cheap Finds at Target Add comments. May 28, at 6: What a big safe for the price.

The size of the safe is very good and I like the fact that it has a combination go here a fall back key to unlock.

The only problem I have is the odor coming from inside. It is carpeted and emits an extremely strong odor, that I have used several thing to eliminate, but it is taking some time to get rid of it. Brought this safe one year ago.

I don't worry about my grandkids or anyone else getting access to my weapons now. Bought a nice pistol for concealed carry, then I remembered the responsibility and liability. I needed a simple keyed lockbox to secure firearm in car when not legal to carry, such as a hospital, school, or other posted places.