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18 Apr Cameron Crowe talks with One Direction's Harry Styles, who goes deep on love, family and his heartfelt new solo debut in our revealing feature. 18 Nov Is Haylor happening again?! After Harry reportedly sent Taylor roses to celebrate the release of her new album, ',' EXCLUSIVELY learned the truth about their rumored reconciliation!. 19 Apr HARRY Styles has broken his silence on what it was like dating Taylor Swift, describing it as “hard” and a “learning experience”.

Here's why the dating rumours have gone into overdrive! Well, when we say 'hidden', one of the songs is called 'Style', so take from that what you will. But clearly he's still got Taylor on his mind Harry revealed during a One Direction live stream: Justin Bieber - a close friend of both stars - dropped the first hint that Taylor had a crush on Harry, cryptically revealing in one interview that "one of the biggest artists in the world thinks Harry is so hot, but I have been sworn to secrecy".

Fast forward to October and it appeared that Harry had mutual feelings for Taylor, gushing about her in an interview with Seventeen magazine: Honestly, she couldn't be a sweeter person.

She's a great girl and she's extremely talented. Their romance was still unconfirmed at this point, but that didn't stop Harry from going to watch Taylor rehearse ahead of her performance on The X Factor USA. Harry and Taylor became a couple - or Haylor as Directioners christened them - officially when they went for a very public stroll through Central Park in New York, where they watched some sea lions in the famous zoo.

Ed Sheeran - another mutual friend - was also up on stage with the pair. Harry was spotted spending a second night with Taylor Swift at her hotel. Despite both being busy with their own promotional duties, Harry and Taylor found time to have dinner together in New York before something very special happened… Picture: She hung out backstage with a host of stars, including Lawson.

What did Carly think of Haylor? What do you get your girlfriend of four weeks?

Taylor Swift Reveals Truth Behind Harry Styles Relationship Drama!

Well, if your name's Harry Styles and your girlfriend's Taylor Swift you apparently buy her some customised cupcakes. Wonder what they said on them? Here they are with some birds!

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The jet-setting couple returned to the UK in the middle of December for a trip around Harry's home county of Cheshire. They were spotted on several dinner dates during the whirlwind visit.

Is Taylor Swift Dating Harry Styles Again

Harry was spotted taking Taylor to the airport following their break together in the UK. But the One Direction star wasn't far behind - two days later he was spotted grocery shopping with Taylor and her mum in Los Angeles.

Several fans managed to take pictures of the happy couple on the slopes.

You're celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than 'this didn't work out, and that's bad. Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Taylor Swift Newly-single Taylor Swift shows off a vamp look in red thigh-high boots amid reports she's writing new music.

After their brief trip to America, Harry jetted back to the UK for Christmas with his family, but apparently Haylor hung out on Skype while they were apart. Haylor reunited ahead of Taylor Swift's performance in Times Square, New York on New Years Eve and marked the reunion with their first public kiss as the clock struck midnight.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Another week, another holiday! Harry and Taylor were spotted by fans in Caribbean, where they soaked up the rays as the New Year got under way. Harry was spotted jetting back to the UK - alone - on the same day One Direction released their new video for 'Kiss You'. He was all smiles when he met fans at the terminal.

Haylor were reported to have broken up following a row on their holiday in the British Virgin Islands. Taylor was pictured alone on the back of a boat and posted the song lyrics - " According to NW magazine, Harry has been 'plaguing' Taylor with texts and even sent her 1, we see what he did there roses. Are Haylor soon to be reunited?

Is Taylor Swift Dating Harry Styles Again

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You're on a date with someone you really like. Wonder what they said on them? Taylor Swift Taylor Swift 'has never felt this way before' as she plunges into new relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

We use cookies on our site. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to our use of these cookies. Rumours start flying that Harry is trying to rekindle his romance with Taylor Taylor's new album seems to have some serious Harry references hidden in it Since his break up from Taylor, Harry's been linked to quite a few A-list ladies But Harry's actually pretty happy about Taylor writing songs about him! Justin Bieber Sparks Rumours Harry And Taylor Are Dating Justin Bieber - a close friend of both stars - dropped the first hint that Taylor had a crush on Harry, cryptically revealing in one interview that "one of the click here artists in the world thinks Harry is so hot, but I have been sworn to secrecy".

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