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Chris Winters Stars U Rising Dating Hollywood

Hollywood U: Rising Stars - The wedding (Chris Winter's date #11)

26 May Summary: The aftermath of Chris' proposal in French Kiss, from Danny's perspective. Written before the release of the next date, so it may not follow what happens in that and I may rewrite it then. This story kicks off at the very end of the date, right when Chris has proposed. Chris Winters is a famous action actor who starred in the recent blockbuster, Fireman: Inferno. I dated Chris winters in the game. After our date in Italy, he said he to do some kind of movie or something, and he'l.., Hollywood U: Rising Stars Answers for the Android.

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You might even win a prize! Written before the release of the next date, so it may not follow what happens in that and I may rewrite it then. This story kicks off at the very end of the date, right when Chris has proposed. The aftermath of Chris' proposal in French Kiss, from Danny's perspective. Danny stared at Chris in stunned silence for a few seconds, trying to process the situation.

Chris Winters

He knew that Chris was incredibly serious about their relationship, but he had never expected that their trip to Paris would end with the movie star on one knee.

He slowly raised his right hand to cover his mouth as the reality of the proposal hit him.

Hollywood U Rising Stars Dating Chris Winters

Danny gave a small hiccough into his hand, struggling to think of a way to explain his feelings to Chris without completely crushing his heart. He felt his eyes begin to fill with water, threatening to spill over. His thumb brushed the jewellery box and he looked carefully at the diamond-encrusted ring. Any last glimmer of hope in his expression had faded and he looked at Danny with a mix of confusion and devastation. At the question, Danny shook with a few more sobs. Danny have a small shake of his head.

It here nothing to do with her, but you let her talk you into not trusting me. And, besides, what about Sofia? What does that mean for them? Why have you assumed that I would choose you over Hollywood U Rising Stars Dating Chris Winters of them?

Chris slowly placed the jewellery box on the floor and wrapped his arms around Danny, his hands running across his back. Danny could feel his chest shaking and knew that he was crying, too. The relief on his face made Danny feel awful that he had let Chris believe otherwise, even for just a few minutes. Chris picked up the jewellery box and gradually stood up, holding out his hand to help Danny to his feet. They rode the elevator back down to the ground floor of the Eiffel Tower in silence, standing a few feet apart and both staring pointedly away from each other.

Chris gave a small shrug and replied quietly. Knowing that nothing he could say would help, Danny stepped forward to pull Chris into a tight hug. He pressed a kiss against his cheek before pulling away. Chris gave a single nod, and Danny turned to walk the rest of the way to the car. He climbed in and sunk into his seat, sighing. As the car began to move, Danny looked down at the box in his hands and lifted the lid.

He ran a finger over the top of the ring and gently prised it out of the box. He held it at the tip of his left-hand ring finger for a few seconds, wondering how much more perfect it would look in its intended place, this web page quickly moving it away. Instead, he brought the ring to his lips and pressed a soft kiss against it, then placed it back in the box, which he snapped shut.

Leaning back in his seat, he began to cry again, and clutched the jewellery box tightly until the car arrived back at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Danny went straight up to the penthouse suite and into the bedroom, loosening his tie and slipping it off.

He placed it on a chair, followed by his jacket, and he unbuttoned his shirt as he sat down on the side of the bed. He turned the box over in his hands a few times, before placing it on his nightstand and lying back on the bed.

He took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and closed his eyes. He sat back up, his head spinning, and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He held the phone against his ear and breathed slowly while it rang, wiping a few more tears from his eyes. Danny had no idea how to explain the situation to Ethan. He barely knew how to explain it to himself.

He sniffed a few times, trying not to cry again. Ethan seemed to work out that he was having trouble talking, and tried to continue the conversation. He would pull Danny against him, wrapping his arms around him in a way that made him feel completely safe and welcome. He would rub his back and whisper reassurances while Danny buried his head in Hollywood U Rising Stars Dating Chris Winters chest and held onto him as if his life depended on it.

Should I re- start the game? Diamond What rewards do you get from dating Chris? What level do you have to be to date. Also, completing quests sometimes rewards you with diamonds and you should NEVER spend them on rushing production! If u answer no the quest remains in the log till u say yes.

He could remember exactly what Ethan smelled like and what the fabric of his suit felt like against his cheek and he longed for the sensations. Danny swallowed, running his free hand through his hair. He needs to understand your side of this.

Hollywood U Rising Stars Dating Chris Winters

Hell, even I know you better than that. Ethan was the person he always ran back to when he needed someone; the person who was always willing to help him, no matter the trouble it could cause Hollywood U Rising Stars Dating Chris Winters him.

He was right, too - he knew Danny better than Chris did, and it made a huge difference. Have a safe flight, and come and see me when you get back, okay? Danny hung up and tossed his phone onto his nightstand, next to the jewellery box. He let out a long sigh, pulling himself to his feet and wandering into the en suite to take a shower. He let the hot water and his thoughts of Ethan relax him, and was finally able to let his mind drift back to Chris and how they were going to handle the rest of the trip.

But he would do his best to reassure Chris that their relationship was okay; that this was just a hurdle that they could get over.

Finishing his shower, Danny tied a towel around his waist as he stepped back into the bedroom, drying his hair with a second towel. He stopped in the doorway, his eyes falling on Chris, who was sitting on the side of the bed. I want us to talk and to spend more time getting to know each other.

Both of us have things we need to work on. They pulled each other into a tighter hug and Chris sighed. Danny pulled out of his arms and stood up, untying his towel as he walked back into the bathroom to hang it up. He strode back into the bedroom, Chris watching his every move, eyes alight.

Danny grinned, Hollywood U Rising Stars Dating Chris Winters a pair of boxers and pulling them slowly up his legs. Once they were in place, he snapped the waistband with his thumb, making Chris chuckle. Chris gave continue reading loud laugh and let Danny push him down onto his back and lean down to press hard kisses against his neck. Chris closed his eyes for a few seconds.

Chris was still asleep when Danny woke up the next morning. Trying not to disturb Chris, he reached across to his nightstand to grab his phone, and his hand closed around the jewellery box, instead. He paused, before picking it up and pushing it open with his thumb. He stared at the ring for a long minute, before he gave a start as Chris pressed a kiss against his shoulder. He quickly closed the box and moved to put it back on the nightstand, but Chris reached up and lightly grabbed his arm.

Chris gave a small shrug, sitting up and taking the box from Danny. He reopened it and ran his fingertips over the ring with a distant smile on his face.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars - Amore Match (Chris Winter's date #15)

That makes it special to me. I could put it on a string and wear it as a necklace, or something. Danny gave him a small smile. He shook his head. It really upset you. But you still want to keep it? Danny leant in to give Chris a sweet kiss. EpicSting as well as 2 guests left kudos on this work! Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

I dated Ethan Chris and Addison and Ethan again. Written before the release of the next date, so it may not follow what happens in that and I may rewrite it then. In this date, Lance is celebrating his birthday with your character with fun activities after he was stood up by Bianca. When he was in high school, he worked as a busboy at a restaurant so he could save up for his plane ticket to L.

Remember Me Forgot password? Today is International Fanworks Day! No Archive Warnings Apply Category: Early Winter danielnelsen Summary: Chris looked back up at Danny and they stared at each other for a moment. You can stay in the suite. Danny hesitated for a few seconds, before replying.

Chris will probably get back soon and I need to be here for him. I really needed to talk. I always have time to talk to you. Chris cleared his throat. Chris attempted a shrug. Series this work belongs to: