What Do Guys Think Of Brazilian Wax. Secret Hookup!

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Korean React to Brazilian Wax. They would get waxed!?

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30 Jun As it turns out, a lot of men see grooming down there as an intimate little treat— they don't just think you've waxed, they think you've waxed for them. Which is In truth, the fact that bikini waxing has become so standard and expected makes some guys prefer when women buck the trend and don't do it. 10 Feb I'm not really into hairy guys, but waxing/shaving your pubic region is just unattractive to me. To all the guys who do it because they think it makes their penises look larger: Don't. Really, it just makes your dick look like the bottom end of a slightly runny ice cream sundae. Plus, you start getting into creepy "I. 5 Apr Are there guys that like us to have hair down there or do they all prefer us to be as bald as the day we were born? What goes through a guy's a bit of hair, and no hair at all. Here is what guys think about women who decide to go all natural in the bikini department. . 4Waxing Signals Income. Guys aren't.

But for all the torture you put yourself through just to be smooth as the day you were born down there, do you know what men really think of your bush situation? Here, we got real guys to spill!

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Joey, 32, expounds on the easier logistics of hair-free munching. They find it ultra-hot when you go hairless for their pleasure. Whether you got waxed to give your S. Expect him to be more attentive once you show off your hair-free ladybits. Plus, it gets him thinking of all the kinky possibilities.

What Do Guys Think Of Brazilian Wax

So what if you strip off your clothes to reveal an afro between your thighs? Jose, 31, echoes the sentiment. Thick bush or not, it's sex, come on!

What Men Think Of Female Pubic Hair, Brazilian Wax & More

Relax yo vags, girls: Many men actually have a low-maint stance on vag-scaping, like Joey. Plain bush, no matter what the look.

But it's not a dealbreaker by any means. It's more polarizing than you'd think. Playboy 's highest selling issue, Novembersold 7.

Your best bet is to just keep the garden under control, if by waxing, by trimming or shaving. I once slept with a girl who had a neatly trimmed bush and I'd go down on her for days. If you want to rock a triangle patch or a landing strip, go for it!

The guys we talked to admit to keeping things tidy down there, with trimming the preferred form of manscaping. Some of them would even dare to go bare as a labor of love. But the others draw the line when it comes to Boyzilian.

Brazilian waxes for women - yes or no? : AskMen

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I wouldn't object to a little hair, but if I had the opportunity to choose, I'd always choose smooth over hairy. Link what if you strip off your clothes to reveal an afro between your thighs? Of those of you who do Studies cited in The Journal of Urology say more than 80 percent of female college students in the U. I'm a guy, I've waxed.

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What Do Guys Think Of Brazilian Wax