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My name is Andre Agassi and I am from Nashville, Tennessee. Currently I am a second year medical student in the MD program. I was an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and would be excited to talk to anyone coming from out of state especially from larger state schools such as UTK or other SEC. 8 Dec But I've never heard any stories of a nurse hooking up with any doctors, but I've seen nurses hook up with other nurses. I couldn't resist this. We had a girl in our nursing program that would sleep with any med student, intern, or resident who gave her "the eye". A real tramp. Looking back, I suspect the word. 13 Apr Med students can be diiiiicks. High stress + competitive people = bad attitude. Find one who is more laid-back (aka, not any type of aspiring surgeon. Seriously. Do not date an aspiring surgeon. I've talked to aspiring surgeons who told me not to date aspiring surgeons, so I know what I'm talking about) and.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Latest Articles Programs Products Conferences. As many of you know, or may not know, I'm starting nursing school in January. I was wondering, have you ever had a crush: What can I say?

I'm a HUGE romantic at heart!!!!!

6 Unique Idiosyncrasies of Medical School - The Almost Doctor's Channel

Dec 8, '05 by Daytonite. Just like in all life there are real dream boats and some that are butt ugly! The med students and new I Am Hookup A Med Student are the easiest to get to know since they are new at doctoring and still kind of anxious. A kind word goes a long way with some of them. Those of us who have worked in teaching facilities know that some nurses treat med students and residents worse than the young nurses that they eat!

I have continue reading friends that are married to doctors. Because one works for an HMO, he is home evenings and weekends. The other, however, has his own practice, and I wonder if his kids even remember what he looks like!

Most docs are bookworms and eggheads. They had to be to get into medical school. That is only a generalization though. Many med students and residents have their noses poked in books during their free time because there is just more and more they need to read in order to keep up with their studies.

And, something that most nurses may not know is that in their last year of residency, doctors usually are required to complete and publish a serious research project. That can take up a good deal of their time. I see they brought back Rick Springfield as Dr.

Noah Drake on General Hospital the other day. They have introduced his son, as well, definitely a hot headed womanizer who Robin Scorpio is goading into doing surgery on Jason Quartermaine. Dec 8, '05 by NJNursing. There are some hottie doctors I've seen at clinicals.

I even befriended one of them and we have coffee now and again and he's single, but right now he's a new doctor, fresh out of school and I Am Hookup A Med Student down in a half a million dollars in student loans, so love and romance is the last thing on his mind at the moment.

We talk on the phone often we'll IM each other, etc. But I've never heard any stories of a nurse hooking up with any doctors, but I've seen nurses hook up with other nurses. Quote from NJNursing But I've never heard any stories of a nurse hooking up with any doctors, but I've seen nurses hook up with other nurses. Dec 8, '05 by nursingismydream. Oh well, I guess every profession has its advantages and it's disadvantages. Dec 9, '05 by bowkerj.

Quote from Mave Hello!!! Dec 9, '05 by nurse4theplanet.

Have patience with one another. It is his dream to be a doctor. And a final after that. We officially had a title about two months ago.

I am completely oblivious that other men besides my hubby exist. We are newlyweds kinda and he recently returned to the U. Then I click of realized, wow, this guy is dreamy and I just got lost in his deep blue eyes drool.

If you are single I recommend you don't go looking for anything because you might find yourself in a mess, but don't hold back either because sometimes I wish my spouse better understood what it is like to work in the medical feild and share the interest with me.

Dec 26, '05 by eg I've met nurses I Am Hookup A Med Student have met, dated and married doctors.

I receive emails all the time from usually women who are dating med students. This entry was posted in MarriageMedical Life. I need some quick help here.

Those nurses had "class" and I don't think it was there intent. They were sought after and not the seekers. Work at a teaching hospital to meet the med students, do your work, dress like a "doctor's wife", and have a "good" reputation. Dec 26, '05 by 1Tulip. So the odds of nabbing a doc for a husband or whatever are about half of what they were. You will find yourself in what we could call a "target rich environment. Please guys, don't get me more info. I was just wondering if "fairy tales" really did happen.

I want to make a difference in someone's life.

I Am Hookup A Med Student

I want to be used that way, I am not a "doctor chaser". Dec 27, '05 by nurse4theplanet. Quote from 1Tulip Ladies!

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Dec 27, '05 by skyyhiflygirl. The reason I laugh is that I flirt and am flirted with a lot. It is innocent as I am married and very happily I must say.

The reason I get attention is I am confident and not a threat or an "issue". But it is fun. I flirt with the young, old and those in between.

What was the point of this? Oh yeah, if you are in nursing school to marry a doc, get out.

I Am Hookup A Med Student

Managed care has zapped all the big bucks so if they don't come from old money they are no different than you or I. In fact, you may end up making more money than them one day. Your salary will not be dictated by managed care. Must Read Topics 34 Parents will kick me out if I don't drop my nursing dreams Is it a good idea?

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