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Cumming in a Woman's Mouth

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9 Dec A lot of guys think that oral sex on women – aka cunnilingus or eating pussy — involves nothing more than plunging your tongue into her vagina and wiggling it around a bit. But, if you want to make a girl cum with oral sex, it takes some skill. Oral sex is actually a much more consistent way of making a girl. I've been fucking a new girl lately. When the topic of cumming in her mouth came up, she said she's never tried it and she's not interested. So a couple of nights ago, just after she had an orgasm, I announced to her that I was going to cum in her mouth. She said no, but I told her it's ok and that I didn't have a. My dads friend and I got to talking about this while watching a movie where the girls was blowing a dude. He said one day you will get to try that, i told him that i already do that. I was about He said do you swallow and i said no but i would like to try it. He said nobodys home. I was so excited because he is so damn cute.

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Topics covered by the FAQ and in countless threads already will be removed, as will posts that do not follow the guidelines in the FAQ. More details on the community rules can be found here. I do not understand why guys want to cum in girls' mouths so much. The same reason women like guys who go down on them and eat them out like it's their last meal on earth. Being all squimish about it is not.

And really, to just cum, shoot your load without thinking or stopping or worrying is the best part.

I had only one girlfriend in my life that swallowed. If you mean swallowing Threaded Mode Linear Mode Cumming in a girl's mouth. The following 2 users Like Tuthmosis's post: The important thing is to talk to him about it.

That is only fun for so long. It also is amazing to have the tip kissed and licked and sucked while you are cumming. Immediately after, less so. I disagree, I haven't gotten to try it with my girl because it's been over half a year since one of us could visit the other but I've noticed I have way way way more intense orgasms when the stimulation keeps going on the head and around the neck both during and after my orgasm.

The split second after I cum I can't take anymore.

How To Cum In A Girls Mouth

Which is why I also stop licking when she cums, not everyone enjoys this, it can get super sensitive. I personally think that as boys we grow up being ashamed of our cum.

When He Cums In Your Mouth

The first time you cum it's embarrassing. Wet dreams are embarrassing. Then when we grow up and start masturbating, cum is always the problem. We try to hide it, hide it in Kleenex, hide it in socks, etc. So we grow up with a deep seeded shame about cum. So when a woman accepts your cum in her mouth, even craves it, enjoys it, swallows it, we finally feel accepted and not ashamed of our cum.

It's like being embraced, understood and accepted despite our shame. That's my theory on why men love seeing cum in mouths and on various body parts. Also, as I posted when someone asked almost exactly this same thing a few days ago regarding swallowing, I feel like swallowing a part of someone else is absolutely the most intimate thing that you can do with another person.

I've never thought of it like this but you're completely right! It feels so good to see my girl with my cum on her face.

She and I both love the feeling and everything leading up to it. After years of cumming in socks and tissues, to be able to cum on her face and seeing it there, seeing her enjoy it being there before eating it makes me here great. Receiving a gentle blowjob while cumming is one of the best feelings, as acceptance as you stated, but also physically How To Cum In A Girls Mouth.

Cumming bareback during PIV feels better to me, but my SO and I always use condoms so it's not an option us currently, but oral feels pretty close to this. Cum is the physical manifestation of the male orgasm. For a partner to thirst for my cum shows that she wants me to cum just as bad as I do. Cumming in a girl's mouth feels insanely awesome if she keeps going during the orgasm. Regular sex feels great too but it's a different feeling. I appreciate getting to enjoy both regularly.

If you mean swallowing Cum is sort of gross, and having a girl swallow it to please me anyway is pretty awesome as well in a she did that for me sort of way. But it's all mental at that point. Because it usually means she doesn't stop before you orgasm.

Switching from mouth to hands changes what was working before you got close. Well, it's sort of like How To Cum In A Girls Mouth for me. Pulling off my penis ruins the orgasm. It's not just about cumming in her mouth, it's really about a well executed blowjob. The resultant orgasm feels amazing. The ejaculation part of the orgasm lasts for seconds, but the orgasm itself can last for a minute or two, I can't get that kind of orgasm any other way.

I sometimes wonder why I'm so motivated not only to cum in her mouth, but to have her swallow it. I can't see any evolutionary basis for it.

How To Cum In A Girls Mouth

Besides the incredible sensations of pleasure, it's because men want to feel both wanted and accepted -- warts and all -- by their woman. Gestures like this do that. A past girlfriend -- who gave absolutely the best blowjobs ever!


Instead, she held it in the back of her mouth and then discretely spit it into a waiting cup or towel while I languished in the afterglow. I never knew what she was doing nor even noticed the slightest difference from a girl who swallowed. It's not an obligation. You should only do something like when you see it as a special gift for a special guy and because you want article source do it for him.

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Recently out of curiosity I have started swallowing my boyfriends semen from our condom after sex. Ive tried to shoot my load in her face It's not so bad The mouth, anus and vagina are all fleshy and moist with varying degrees of tightness.

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Want to add to the discussion? Okay I'm losing it" That is only fun for so long. The combination of the two concepts is what really does it for me.


That's why cumming in a girls mouth is so awesome.