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Matchmaking Terrible Storm Of The Heroes

Proof That HotS Matchmaking Really Sucks !

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Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Europe Pro League 1d 19h 10m Tricked eSport Method HotS . but SOMETHING has changed in the last month or so that not only drastically reduced qeue times but also seemingly removed whatever (admittedly terrible) matchmaker there was before. 15 Aug Is anything going to be done about it? HotS brought all cosmetics but did nothing to address the core problems that plague this game. Blizzard needs to hire someone qualified to redesign the matchmaking algorithm, and needs to fire the inbred mongrel who designed the current one. Usaneko 14 Jul Heroes of the Storm is a really fun game. In a previous article, I even wrote about why I think it is better than League of Legends.

Heroes of the Storm. Forums General Discussion Why is matchmaking so bad? Prev 1 2 Next. Is anything going to be done about it? Blizzard needs to hire someone qualified to redesign the matchmaking algorithm, and needs to fire the inbred mongrel who designed the current one.

As far as I know, matchmaking softens the search parameters the longer the search goes? So, to match you at all, the MMR and other parameters could be way apart.

Sorry,but I guess that another algorithm will not make you happier. The player base is probably not large enough to have good matchmaking results in a reasonable amount of time. The very next game I queue up in, we have someone who first picks Zeratul, then is literally afk from the very beginning until dropped a few minutes later. And yet another ranked game with an AI from the beginning In League and Dota, the players were more toxic, sure, but this game literally promotes toxicity.

I have spent several hundreds of dollars on this game, but not a cent of it after 2. This game had potential but greedy apathy on the part of the developers will be the death of it. I suppose you're talking about HL. Well, there are many reasons. The biggest is the placement games. That in itself is beyond ridiculous. Whoever came up with the 10 placement idea needs to end up jobless.

Next is noobs ending up in ranks all over the place. There should be a limit as to how high Heroes Of The Storm Matchmaking Terrible players should get after the joke of 10 placement games.

Heroes Of The Storm Matchmaking Terrible

Many scrubs end up as high as diamond 3. Finally, this also falls in the general player base. Majority have no clue how to draft.

And they don't educate themselves. And this goes way up to diamond folks too. First two issues Blizzard is fully responsible of missmanaging. The last is up to you and everyone else. Matchmaking itself already does the best job it can possibly do most of the source by matching up people with similar MMRs or HL ranks in a game. The rare cases that Blizzard does need to look at are games on a server with relatively few players e.

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However, on a populated server where alot of people play, it is no longer the matchmaking's fault if some games are total stomps. It now purely comes down to a massive number of random factors outside matchmaking's control such as: You get the picture. Was way better in alpha having everuone climb from R50 without placements, sure it gave pretty uneven games at bad ranks but the higher u climbed the less noobs there was. Bad players on a too good rank was rare, wich is the main issue in HL atm, atleast for me.

Heroes Of The Storm Matchmaking Terrible

Love these super informative posts about whiny players that lose and think the game is broken. Esp when they offer no proof of their complaint or any info on what they think is wrong and how to fix.

The system was designed with the best intent. Why do you use a wireless mouse btw? If you won, your rating would increase by an amount a tunable constant called "K-factor" multiplied by the win probabilityand you would go up to, say, while the other team's rating would drop. When the daily quest is playing support heroes, this motivates players to pick supports and can lead to there being too many on your team.

No separation by levels Qm seeding Volatile placements are put see more real players No individual performance measurements A lot of reasons really.

Blizzard doesnt care about matching people according to skill. They want the illusion that the game is healthy and alive so they force 'quick' matches instead of accurate ones. Its been like this for years now, pretty sure its intentional. They just want something fast. Even if that means you get stomps and onesided matches, or platinum matched with silver.

Because they WANT it to be this way. Theyre not going to change because to them why bother?

Terrible players or bad matchmaking?

Why doesn't MM work? Simple, there aren't players to match. As result MM and ranks are just a mess. Good portion of my friends have quit the game or are taking a break from the game.

Quite frankly I'm part of the problem.

If your win probability was extremely low On my typical loosing streak day I would always have players I marked with avoid in my team and on the other days where I was winning, not I think another thing to note is the removal of avoid a player.

I don't play the game see more near as much as I used to partly because my friends have been and are quitting. MM has gone worse each season, last season wasn't actually that bad but this season was an all time low. I'm also not gonna take the first step and become more active when I don't see any attempt from devs to fix the problems. Even something small like don't match diamond players with GMs after first week or two would go a long way I'll wait longer in ques for that, no doubt most others would do the same.

Ohh and give rank rewards based on rank you end season with, there shouldn't be 1k GMs from each season from each region just because there are ton of people who can get early GM while being unable to defend Heroes Of The Storm Matchmaking Terrible rank. It just doesn't feel rewarding nor exclusive to be GM in this game and while at it give the portrait your actual number rather than having 1 and as same equal portrait.

It just feels like just click for source end gamers are completely forgotten and neglected in this game.

All devs care about is increasing their numbers even if it comes at expense of quality not caring that it will ultimately lead to lower numbers too in the long run. There are just too many things wrong with the MM and ranked system of this game to keep players involved with no improvements in sight. Next-level logic will tell you that for every game where you get screwed, there is a game where your enemies get screwed.

Next level logic will tell you that you get the same amount of free wins as hopeless losses. Therefore, next-level logic will tell you that what really matters are the games where nobody gets screwed. Those are the games that better players will use to win, and gain rank. Next-level logic also denotes that everyone loses, no matter what rank they play at. Therefore, next-level logic should help you accept this and simply try harder next time rather than come whining to the forums about your gaming problems.

Had to step in here The OP is complaining about leavers in HL while you're making it out like he's complaining about Li-Ming burst damage or something equally as silly. Have something to say?

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