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Gwent Closed Beta is open! Spare a moment for those of us without here invite! GOTY Edition is out!

Latest patch, free DLCs, The Witcher books first 5 are official, the remaining fan translations are of varying quality and short stories f. Cyberpunk First trailer youtube. Oils and potions in TW3, were they used to consumable instead of replenishable by alcohol when TW3 just came out? He plays Geralt first turn Summons Eredin He ends the turn with 8 monsters on the field 1 in 4 chance to keep Geralt or Eredin He keeps Geralt Next turn he ends with 5 cards on his field He keeps Geralt again.

I landed in Skellige and decided fuck it I'll walk to the first town, not even jog there It feels real nice tbqh famalam. Crossing fingers for meme-weatherfag hardcounters. You can force the opponent to waste cards. Playing against NR you never pass unless you are sure he is not going for the adrenaline shit.

I have Geralt, Eredin, Imlerith and Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Melee on the board and I keep one of the fucking wild hunt hounds. Gwent is not out yet. Not even open beta. No one had that error? It's running in the background, but I can't play it. I would try restarting Galaxy and then if that doesn't work restart your PC.

I remember when Witcher 2 came out I had a similar problem with steam and it ended up being my shitty Avast quarantining the exe. Had that once, make sure all your mods are up to date, my problem is that I forgot to update the console debug enabler files, also verify the game files.

Already did that, but thanks. Thanks, I here some mods, it now does the script things, but it still doesn't launch.

I'm trying to play Witcher 1 for the story but I didn't realize how AIDS the combat system would be, even after reading about it. Considering lowering difficulty from Hard to Easy just to make it less tedious.

Normally I always play click here at max diff but perhaps I can make this an exception since I'm not doing it for the gameplay. Started reading books after playing Witcher games. Now reading Blood of Elves but holy shit, is there only one official English translation of this book? If you're into mentally retarded women and that's what she sounds like i and acts like n game then yeah she's perfect for you.

How do I get good enough at drawing to capture a facial expression as well as this? I did a fuckton of life drawing but can't seem to get on this level. Is School of the Roaches worth it? I'd like a good overhaul, but it hasn't been updated since a year. Got into Gwent closed beta a couple days.

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Shit's pretty fun and seems to actually require thought and smart play unlike that kiddy RNG hearthstone shit. Made a sweet Scoi'atel deck and just crafted my first legendary Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Melee go here able to pull off crazy combos.

I feel like I'm boned. I'm on PC, are there console commands to retrieve the diagram? Stand alone Gwent game nothing like that anymore. Spies work completely differently now and game got way more complex. I've been in a deader general.

Maybe it will be better in the far future when gwent is out of beta and there's more Cyberpunk to talk about. Wow you women hating prick. Take that back right now. It's a woman's choice if she wants to have a baby, not your cis white male ass on the internet. Play Gwent Need to look for an opponent times It's a NR deck every time It's a Priscilla, Trebuchet-buff-buff-adrenaline-copy-promote deck, with Philippa fucking you in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Maaaaan, this is getting tedious.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Melee

I used to think Philippa was good as it was, but the more I play, the more I see people abusing her, the more I think she needs a timer. I don't usually play Eredin on my first round. That helps me going to 2nd and 3rd round with card advantage and having more chance of drawing better Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Melee. I migt change Ciri for Imlerith in the future, though.

So tell me about the elder vampire that does his click ritual shit in Novigrad. In light of the information the DLC gives the player, how does he fit in? I had a standalone game the first time I went thought it so I didn't kill him before doing the DLC Is there any dialog that references how easy a kill that elder vampire was?

Or is there any reference as to how you hadn't actually killed it? I actually liked how powerful they made elder vamps in the DLC. I don't like the fact that they made blood a delicacy and not a necessity though. Yeah, what made the entire story shit for me is Syanna, she really is a dumb character and her sister of course, ruined a potentially good story. Undoubtedly Syanna was the worst, is her sex scene even worth it? I didn't fuck her because she legit turned me off. Also I get that's how it was in the books, I just think that "needing" humans is a nice dynamic to add to the immortal vampire, rather than simply "wanting".

How underlevelled can I be before fighting those bandits, that giant and the shaalmar becoms unrealistic? Her sex scene was really fucking weird, still fapped, also not all Vampires "need" humans, Cucklaff basically had no link to this alien world, Syanna became his only link which she betrayed hence his mad rage.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Melee

I really think the vampire that needs blood to stay "alive" got really boring, having that dynamic similar to humans with alcohol was a nice change. I liked the neutral one, however I found the Game of Thrones ending to be the most fitting as a Witcher game.

Maybe, but I feel as though it hamstrings story potential though. I mean, you do a lot more to get food than you would to get booze. Cucklaff I really Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Melee nothing for this character. Reigis Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Melee more like a retard handler than a concerned friend. If I remember correctly the DLC is I'm 10 levels under that, it that gap too large or should I wait 'till 79ish?

I really felt nothing for this character. Hopeful 10 levels isnt TOO ridiculous a gap. I have one more question that's been bugging me for a while.

Is Triss actually in Kaer Morhen? Just picked up her earring. That doesn't really help. I'm being serious though. You should have around k by the time you get to grandmaster shit.

The only way you could be low is if you wasted that 30k on the runewight. Over the course of the game you should be selling weapons and runes and it'll leave you loaded.

I guess all you can do now is do every side quest you can and sell all the shit you pick up. Beside there's an abundance of materials out there. Rememer you can always make dimeterium ore. Explain why three drunk witchers are the most emotional and fun people in this whole game.

I thought mutations stripped them of emotion? Then you haven't been paying attention all series, they never lose all emotions in the trial of grasses, they lose some and repress the rest heavily, but they are still human.

Or do you think Lambert being this edgy and bitter is just him acting like he is bitter because that is what he remembers he should do in his situation? No, they adressed the end of it. Still haven't explained why three drunk witchers click the most emotional and fun people in this whole game.

Can it be a ball? Holy shit, how can you not let people re-log in if your retarded server fucks up? It's funny how they are just old guys who live mostly alone and know nothing but killing monsters in the books.

And to clarify, I mean in a more meta sense. Why is every other character written so boringly? Think about it like this, these three fuckers have to keep repressing their emotions on a daily basis so they won't get killed by carelessly being emotional and losing focus, the last time they were together they were attacked by some bandits and lost an initiate, after all the things those three bros went through see more finally get to have some time to get drunk and let off some steam sounds very dirty but here you go faggot.

Fuck are you saying, mate? That's some bullshit they made up, like the code or whatever. Cause most of them were peasants or soldiers in the middle of a war? Don't know, I think the B. Also Yen and Geralt share some funny moments. Oh, and some druids and whatever in Skellige. What actually happens when you fight enemies way above Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Melee level?


I was once fighing a large group of those rose knight dudes who were all above me, by like skull levels. And I was hitting around 1k a hit and I was close to levelling up. I feel bad for Lambert, man. I think he'll make history for being the first Witcher to get an STD. Can someone remind me the name of this quest where Geral meets a guy talking about his Beautiful Lady or whatever and challanges him to a fight only to be beaten each time?