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Teen Mom 2 (Season 6)

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29 Aug Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's custody battle takes a turn for the worst after the 'Teen Mom 2' star denies Nathan visitation with son Kaiser. 17 Sep We had a reliable source tell us weeks ago that Jenelle Evans is following in the footsteps of other Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 star by penning her own book, and now the year-old mom has confirmed it! Plus, Jenelle explains the story behind those racy Underoos Snapchat photos with Nathan. On the. 25 Mar The toddler is the son of Jenelle and her ex-fiancee, Nathan Griffith. David Eason strangely boasts a verified user account on Instagram, when just months ago, he was a flunky with a criminal record, looking to hook up with MTV's biggest train wreck. Below is a portion of the image with the child's face.

The hour-long special will follow the father of two as he moves back in with his mom, pursues a career in bodybuilding and gets back into the dating scene.

I refuse to film or even let them use my name. While she eventually dropped her bid for emergency custody, Doris and Jenelle will meet in court next month over the issue, so more footage may have been shot to include those events.

How is Nathan preparing for his competition? Nathan is a hot hot mess. I think I asked before, but does he have a head injury? Wow hes a loser ,get help. You did this special show for what? He is a complete douche bag. Nathan has some major issues that manifested because of his time in the military, so its not a result of how he was raised…. She seems like a nice lady that can provide a stable home for poor little Kaiser Roll.

Him and Jenelle are complete pieces of shit.

The only reason i think Nathan is getting this sweet deal is because there might be a custody battle heating up for that bitch Jenelle. After Nate tweeted his outrage over the pic of his son, Jenelle responded to him with insinuations. You can do everything right by your kid and some turn out bad.

Was it just me or did not plan or spend anytime with Kaiser? Sad to use the kid. I feel bad for Kaiser and he future. Not here stable parents causes too many problems. Quick to anger, violence, outburst, exercizing obsessively and the list goes on and on.

Wow what an angry, egotistical POS. I like his mom, but feel sorry for all the shit he gives her. I will not be watching or following this show. This is not how a mentally stable person acts. Do I Are Jenelle And Nathan Still Hookup Nathan is an outstanding member of society?

But is there any doubt in my mind that being with Nathan, and living with Doris, would be the best possible situation for Kaiser? I like Nathans mom. I also think having Kaiser around might help him get his life on track, so that he can be the parent that Kaiser so desperately needs. Can we please talk about this web page Jenelle just posted a pic of her and kaiser and said something along the lines that other people do not give him the attention he deserves she means NATHAN but her and David do…Girl, most of America has seen you and David ignore that child while yall fight…hes been tossed around like a baby doll and thrown in a baby bed in a dark room to scream himself to sleep.

He is beyond repulsive. Both of those people have zero brains. It says her brother threw the cat. The same that did not ever nourish her, or whatever dude?

She would say that. She has got to be the most delusional person I have ever seen. There you go, nice and cocky. I want his producer to interact in the same way with all the moms, that make me watch again.

We need a show with just her and Barb…with a few Butch cameos…directed by Papa Randy.

Nathan Griffith arrest update after Jenelle Evans reunion fight

Now that is a show I would watch. And maybe Debra and Dr David could make an occassional appearance. Acting like she was making him look bad. Hey bruh, you make yourself look bad, and even worse when you talk to your mom like that. Home girl is nuts just like Nathan. Im naming her Jenelle 2.

Trying to find Are Jenelle And Nathan Still Hookup way out of a wet paper bag? Also, he wants to be a cop. He probably might want to think about not skipping leg day.

Not to mention him wanting the cameras off so that he could beat his mom. My husband fought in Iraq. His Humvee rode over a roadside bomb.

Nathan is just a baby. Is Nathan a baby in other things he does? But fighting for our country does not make him a baby. People respond to trauma differently. But lots of people do, and for a wide variety of reasons. Also a horrible thing? If only he could put half the effort he puts into gym, fake tanning, tattoos, and bodybuilding into saving his 3-year-old son from Are Jenelle And Nathan Still Hookup 7-foot child abusing A-hole who locks him outdoors on a piece of muddy swamp land and punches him in the face.

I get so frustrated when I see David mistreat This web page and Nathan not do anything about it. If I watched a video of my ex partners new partner mistreat my child I would be at their door immediately and take the child and be in court the next day.

Shame on you Nathan. Put those muscles to good use and pick up your son instead of weights. This is too much of a cash cow for MTV, only when interest truly wanes then it will be killed.

The only reason i think Nathan is getting this sweet deal is because there might be a custody battle heating up for that bitch Jenelle. The ratings are not as good as they once were, the show is staged, and boring now! They put old Jersey Shore shows on right before Teen Mom 2 comes on to get people to watch. Jersey Shore was on in 8 years ago.

They brought Brianna on to boost the ratings, her voice and poor diction is enough to turn the TV off.

Teen Mom 2 (Season 6)

The ship is sinking, I hope these losers have been investing their money! Yet people are still commenting like mad, reality tea recaps still get over comments. And TM articles on Ashley still are probably her highest commented on articles.

Are Jenelle And Nathan Still Hookup

Look regardless if you like it or not, you are still here taking time out of your day to comment. Even if you are calling it out to cancel, it still elicits a response from you. My point is when its controveries fails to bring any response from fans, then it will be time. When no one cares like how it is going with the Ktrash. Now that ship is sinking FAST now. It was major buzz pun intended talking about the past Ryan Edwards drama.

This guy needs to get off the juice. Just saw the special on him. How dare you speak to your own mother that way. Fair point of advice get off the steroids and get serious counseling. He was just awful to his mom. Her words were spot on. He also needs to stop drinking. Oh yeah, that weird scene where his mom shaves his back for him, and his childish verbal abuse of her…it all began to make sense.

He needs to be a decent human being first. I ever treat my mother the way he treats his mother!!! That piece of crap!!

The way he talks to his mother on this show!!! You should just go alone and be with this perfect little self. I wonder if there was some reason they waited another week. Hopefully his mom does a good job if Are Jenelle And Nathan Still Hookup gets kaiser.

Almost Anything is better then Janelle. I am, however, looking forward to seeing Jenelle fight with Nathan and his mom for custody of Kai next season.

And that will be the worst. The judge made me repeat we were doing about three times. At least Nathan has good looks. Who tf asked for this? Dear The Ashley, pretty please with a cherry on visit web page will you recap Teen Mom 2.

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No other blogger recaps that show the way that you do. I live for your recaps!!

It would make my year if the Ashley does a recap for each backlogged episode. Big Brother recaps, incestuous Dugger recaps — meh — Ashley, save your time and talent for our favorite craptastic trashfest! Otherwise I nominate lb Teen Mom to write the recaps.

Are Jenelle And Nathan Still Hookup

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