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Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game creation platform that allows users to design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by other users. Our current header image is from this game here! The rules are explained more in depth here.

Arab Hookup Videos Of Roblox By Dantm Roblox

We cannot moderate Roblox. Try contacting Roblox Support instead. I'll respond the way I always have: If your child is over the age of eight which they should be if they're playing an online game and they don't know the basics of internet safety, you're a miserable failure of a parent.

Arab Hookup Videos Of Roblox By Dantm Roblox

There's a world of difference between an honest mistake Huh? My son maxed out my credit card with robux? Let's not be naive and instantly start blaming parents for the bad press ROBLOX has been getting recently because really, this often comes down to independent news sites attempting to bait clicks with intentionally controversial topics.

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I wouldn't be surprised if their report is strewn with only half-truths to give the story more public interest, thus helping it spread around more and net them more views. Nevermind why the press cares, it's just the fact that parents have the AUDACITY to say that its a corporations fault that their child did something stupid. What I'm getting at with the "half-truths" idea is that for all you know the report behind the article could be toying with his words to skew the scenario in to seeming more sinister than it actually is, I really wouldn't put that sort of thing beyond a local news site to try and get views.

I shall hold a funeral for this beloved spam. Censorship will be considered discriminatory towards it and will not be allowed.

Tory Knotts 2 days ago I would have told annoying guy to stop Reply. Santa's Gamble Custom Map Views. Maybe not literally, they should be educated in a peaceful manner but ya get the point mate. Making some interesting changes They should bring back the chat menu.

So, they let players say 'youre sexy' but block lower case 'a's Roblox, leave that garbage CommunitySift filter and just add a goddamn built-in blacklist. I was playing rhythm track and some one said the word "one" and it was censored, but then they said "LMAO" and it was not censored, so yeah. It could be but I think the UI was cleaner? I'm not sure but I remember spending way to much time on sandbox when it came out the games filled with roblox veterans now.

I found the source. Normal 8 year-old on Xbox live: To be fair as more and more of these articles pop up, as shitty and uninformed as they are - makes it more and more evident to the roblox staff that their 'lets just let people online date but say its in the rules' policy won't be taken lightly.

How about we just fucking ban the game that's causing all these problems? I'm happy with all of the ODers sticking to one game, if we removed the game, they'd explode all over Roblox.

Also, the game itself has done nothing to warrant a ban, you click at this page ban the game because of its players. The problem is that younger children are more likely to stick to front page games because they don't really know of the games that aren't on the front page. link

It could be but I think the UI was cleaner? Easy and Fun Science Craft! Sharon Murphy 1 day ago meters tall Reply. Crash Course Government and Politics 5 Views.

More and more children go to MeepCity because they see the thumbnail and think that it might be a good game for whatever reason. It causes a chain reaction so it gains more and more popularity, and mixing children with ODers isn't a good idea. Roblox doesn't do anything already when it comes to punishing. They'll let inappropriate shirts go, and they decide to fix it by hiding them from searching. And that's one of the things they should change, I agree!

I'm just against hitting the innocent to punish the guilty. Knowing Roblox, they're going to mess that up. They do the exact opposite of what the public wants, as long as they're making money they're fine with sitting back and doing nothing.

Why do we get all this other stuff too? Roblox games are targeted towards users Roblox game development is targeted to older users. Also, MC and Roblox have never looked anything alike, and once you get into semantics you ca say that Roblox will never be "the next Minecraft game" but I think at a higher level- that Roblox will become a wildly-popular building game -they are correct. Those parents are shit parents if they don't teach their children about responsibility on the internet and sex.

In Germany kids know about sex very early cause it's a natural fucking thing. Fuck the UK for it's conservative cunts. The government also tried to ban porn. My parents, who are Polish, would've just told me to block the cunt or ignore him and go on a different game. Common sense is all but lost thanks to these fucking super sensitive offended cunts.

I'm sorry for my use of "cunts" and "fucking". These bastards just piss me off and should be kicked in their nuts or pussies. Maybe not literally, they should be educated in a peaceful manner but ya get the point mate.

I'm surprised that the sex messages are not tagged. His kid probably set the birth date to over Eh, Roblox shouldn't give a shit considering this is coming from Dailymail which is notorious for being the worst news site in England. Teach your children about these things instead of being overprotective, retard. You want your child to be in fucking bubble wrap their entire life?

It's like not allowing them to play outside cause they might trip and hurt themselves. These people that are doing inappropriate things online are harmless Arab Hookup Videos Of Roblox By Dantm Roblox your little bubble wrapped kid gives them fucking personal info.

You can't go on the Internet, see a learn more here or inappropriate message and instantly overreact. These parents are complete idiots.

Instead of teaching their child about internet safety and such when they see those messages popping up, they decide to take it to the news for extra drama. They are trying to take down a game for something that is beyond the control of the company. Pedophilia exists everywhere, on all social media, in the real world, in all games, no matter how hard you try and block it.

These parents should have just taught their child about internet safety and sex and move on, just lightly checking their activities online, rather than trying to take it to a news station so they get attention. Actually, come to think of it, this is partially ROBLOX's fault as well, because they have made advertisements promoting online dating and promote games like RHS which encourage online dating.

This reminds me of a time when a boy hung himself over a MMORPG challenge here in my country and our mothers went apeshit over it threatening to ground us and take our computers away from us if we played the game, because a fucking MMORPG certainly is all about hanging yourself. The Daily Fail is a reactionary tabloid that used to praise Hitler. It made my guts turn. They were talking in code but it was as clear as day to see. Well, if we could fix the ODing, it might solve all the problems.

As then the articles will be less frequent. They should bring back the chat menu. Children under 13 have to use it. Us over 13 get the old filter back. This is the fuel behind Roblox Arab Hookup Videos Of Roblox By Dantm Roblox their censor more and more. Eventually, we're going to be headed towards a chat system like the Guests used to have. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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That'll need OBC m8.