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20 Feb Women are dominant, submissive or independent. The attribute of women this article is about is dominant, which can also be identified as bossy or authoritarian . Women of this type are not only insecure but also sick, crazy and narcissistic of the worst kind. A man's worse nightmare is to have a woman with. dominant women - Free Dating, Singles and Personals. from a sub's point of view. It is not a major problem to identify a strong, assertive, intelligent woman. She holds herself with poise, confidence and grace. By Her very nature She stands out in a crowd. Women like this can be found most anywhere, the hard part for a submissive is approaching these Women, without being.

In our last post we talked about the three types of men. Instead, a woman is either a Dominant, Submissive, or an Independent. Just as interesting as the three types of women is what modern society says about these three types. These gals are strong and bossy. They also tend to be bitchy, but not always.

Then they love blowjobs all over again…until they get bored with them again. I find this topic interesting, though I can be very dominant and very submissive but both only when I want to mostly. Who you are is not about what you say you want. How is she dominant because she has an opinion?

As soon as she gets into a relationship with a man sometimes even before then, like on the first date! Sometimes she issues them nicely and sweetly with a smile on her face, sometimes she issues them in a very angry, bitchy, or self-righteous manner.

Dominants are almost always high-drama gals. Men often fall for fun, feminine Dominants only to soon get a bucket full of drama and rules thrown at them. They are most comfortable with a strong man who is the boss at least most of the time. Submissives Where To Find A Dominant Woman not necessarily weak women.

Some Submissives are very strong, for example click here can be bosses or managers at work. Submissives are not like beta males.

A Submissive moves in with a here, and the Submissive slowly assumes the power in the relationship. However, by doing this she is miserable inside. She eventually throws massive drama at him and cheats on him. When the relationship finally ends which it willhopefully she ends up with a strong man so she can be herself again. They prefer it that way. Two exceptions to this: Independents can often be a handful for men.

Where To Find A Dominant Woman

They tend to be very busy, all over the place, non-stop, go-go-go gals. Independents are not perfect; they can and do Where To Find A Dominant Woman dramatic at times just like all women.

Having children also tends to slow them down, and perhaps they even secretly resent being mothers just a little bit. Independents also tend to be a little more masculine, which can turn a lot of men off. Dominant women are not independent. Same goes for Needy Alpha men. So you need to be careful. Fuck buddy is okay…Dominants make fantastic FBs if you know how to stand up to their bullshit while still making it clear you accept them for what they are. Which I know some of you bastards do!

Betas tend to end up with Dominants. If a beta ends up with a Submissive, the Submissive will take control and then start growing resentment.

She has a solid sex drive. There are many ways to go about it, but first you should think carefully about whether you are seeking a long-term relationship, a complete lifestyle change, or just wanting to experiment and have a little fun. A dominant woman with a troubled past of loss and pain in full butterflymode and an alpha turned into a pleasing pussy who cheated and lied his ass off.

Nuclear explosions occur when Needy Alphas hook up with Dominants. This is a very big topic and I could go on, but you get the point. Would it be beneficial to explore the possible reasons WHY a person develops into a certain type? Also, I dated a Submissive Woman in the past and I discovered she had fear of source from growing up.

Thats a really interesting topic, although an extremelly complicated one. The same can be asked regarding guys. For example, I noticed that some of the more beta guys I know have some very controling, over-protective mothers. And I read somewhere that if a guy grew up with one or more sisters is much less likely to be shy with women than a guy with no female siblings. Off course, people within the same family brothers ans sisters usually have very different if not extremely different personalities, so its clear the issue of personality development cannot be simplifyed to how their parents behave.

Neverless it would be good to know, for example, how a male son should be raised if you want him to be an alpha when he grows up.

One of my general life rules is to not worry about why things are unless I have direct control over them. But wondering why the woman sitting across from Where To Find A Dominant Woman is a Dominant or a Submissive, or a drug addict, or has a genius I. A great topic for another post or perhaps your Alpha book?

What types are woman who this web page the courting ritual?

A beta who has a moment of confidence is still a beta, just like an Alpha with a moment of nervousness is still an Alpha.

Dennis — What makes a woman a Dominant or Submissive is how hard she adheres to her own ruleset. Many Submissives and Independents would love to be wined and dined prior to sex just like Dominants do. Reading this post, I could peg what the Independent would be before Where To Find A Dominant Woman even read that section.

I do my best to tame that onerous pussy of hers, but at some point I realize that pussy has thorns inside of it. Most of them seemed too dominant, and it turned me off. I have noise sensitivity, so the loud bitches really turn me off quickly. Being married to a more beta guy sucked, lol. I think I am an independent woman.


When I meet a needy alpha, I do become a little submissive to some degree for a while, but then get sick at some point and cut connections, disappear from him and make him unable to contact me. I guess I have a little of each dominant, submissive, but overall more independent. My mom, also does all the work herself and I never had a helpful father around in my life. I also grew to be independent and figured things out on my own, be responsible for my own happiness.

I once told my aunt that when I grow up, I wanted to be just like her single, independent, unmarried, children-free, and loving life. There were some source dramas, and I grew tired and hurt, sometimes hating men and so I developed a fetish for femdom and sadism towards men.

For a while, yes. But in the end, one of the two submissives will start to take control, and then hate it. Even as a woman, I say to the men: Like Bill Clinton, their husbands got out of control sexually and had numerous affairs.


Mainly out of spite imo. Not to justify their actions, but their wives are so insufferable they eventually drive everyone away. When they grow up they will probably blame their fathers for breaking up the family.

Their moms will definitely bad-mouth the dads. I like both analyses men and women that you have done here. I did my first orientation as a supervisor today and described myself as a non Where To Find A Dominant Woman alpha.

I am sure my ex would agree. I think she was simply writing a book about how a woman can best maintain power over a man and screen for a provider.

The bottom line is no woman can pretend to be what she is not for longer than about 2 months. I think how submissive the woman depends on how into you she is.

A certain man can turn any alpha woman into a beta bitch. I noticed that through this whole description, you never address the Omega… is there a particular reason? My understanding is that an omega is a non-dominant alpha. This is an interesting post. Of course, not all dominant men are bad role models — some are very good role models, and I can see where my personality makes me a little TOO rebellious, and makes me hesitant to go out with nice, strong alpha male types, many of which are great people and great leaders.

The only difference is a personality difference: Submissive men, just like submissive women, actually have much greater control over dominant people — due to their perceived flexibility. Dominant people are assertive, but they dont necessarily always have control, they just have a very direct communication style. Two dominants are badly matched because their communication styles do not complement each other.

No ones personality fits strictly within one of 3 groups. But do women have a general prevalence to one of the three categories most learn more here the time in their normal day-to-day lives?

You lean hard towards one category most of the time. And I think you know that. How is she dominant because she has an opinion? Alpha Male, Alpha 2.

Where To Find A Dominant Woman

It was not an insult. I am definitely not dominant or submissive, I believe. Then you and her should lighten up and relax. Who you are is not about what you say you want. Who you are is about what you actually DO. Which probably insults you because someone is categorizing you. Here are some links that I suggest you research with facts and stats therefore they will all insult you regarding the real odds of you actually still being with this man in 25 years: Being as it has not happened so far, you have no facts about my personal life.

There are perks to being slightly more masculine in appearance.

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I may not attract most men, but I often attract men I like anyway— men who are also androgynous, cool masculine men, submissives, and bisexuals.