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Staying In A Loveless Relationship

Stay Married to Save Time

8 Aug My year marriage has been a loveless mistake. My high-earning wife holds the cards. I am mostly the housekeeper, which is fine, but I am taken for granted, belittled, ignored, and disrespected. I know she is unhappy too, and I would prefer just to calmly discuss with her our need for a total break. But she. We're not surprised that many people are staying in a marriage for financial reasons. They argue that there''s more to a marriage than love. Just because love fades does not mean that the marriage has to fade with it. There''s the practical side, and there are situations when husband and wife decide to stick it out for the sake. I don't take marriage vows lightly and am not recommending divorce as a first option. However, based on my personal experience, I don't think you are doing your children any favours by staying together in a loveless marriage just so that your children won't have to go through the painful process of their parent's divorce.

A new study shows that the vast majority of married couples that stay together even when there is unhappiness end up being happy that they didn't divorce.

All I know and feel is that the only reason he is with me because he thinks that marriage is something that you have to put up with it, however on the other side I think that whe. I would say that is far from behaving like a queen to be served. You are not going to be perfect.

The study, conducted by the Marriage Foundation, found that of the 70 percent of couples remain married despite such problems following the birth of their first child. As the Telegraph piece notes, it's not uncommon for marriages to have problems. But unless the problems involve abuse or an affair, over time the problems that arise in a marriage can be ironed out.

Divorces can be rather expensive. Between the aforementioned costs and the cost of child support, divorce can result in a lot of money being lost. Divorces are a long, drawn-out process.

Staying In A Loveless Marriage For Financial Reasons

According to the Telegraphclick divorce process can only take a few weeks if there are no disagreements, but since that's unlikely divorce proceedings typically take at least a year to occur.

Divorces can shatter a person's confidence. Freelance writer Sharilee Swaity points out that "divorce is the ultimate rejection" since it means that one failed at maintaining a relationship with what they thought was their life partner. It also prompts people to dive into new relationships as soon as possible to restore their dating confidence and it can make them hesitant to engage in a new commitment.

You see, he had 'failed' at marriage once, and he did not want to fail again.

Staying In A Loveless Marriage For Financial Reasons

Divorces can alienate one social's circle. Swaity notes that it can be awkward for those who were friends with both of the people in a marriage to choose between one of them and hang link with them. It can also be uncomfortable for a married couple to hang out with someone who is divorced.

Divorces also mean spending significantly less time with in-laws. Divorces have a detrimental impact on children.

Should You Stay Married for Financial Reasons?

Children of divorced parents are often caught in the middle, as they have to divide their time—and emotions—between both parents and possibly even have to move to accommodate a divorce. There's also the fact that the drain in financial resources will affect children of divorces as well, and studies show that even if parents are happy in their post-marriage, their children do not share that happiness.

They had romantic problems many years after the divorce. Another study, "The Effects of Divorce on America," found staggering correlations between problems in children and divorce.

Signed, Anonymous Dear Sis, News alert: Your email address will not be published. I played my role with nagging and becoming bitter over the years. We can civil with each other most of the time.

Divorce was linked to higher drug abuse, lower grades, and higher suicide rates. These are only a couple of examples; there are have been many other studies done on this subject as well. There is a direct correlation between broken families and higher crime.

How to Survive a Loveless Marriage

Radio host Larry Elder explains that is largely due to the lack of a father figure, and breaks it down here. This is not to say there aren't valid reasons to have a divorce; abusive marriages, affairs or the realization that it just isn't meant to be are certainly acceptable reasons for a divorce.

How To Decide Whether To Stay Or Leave Your Marriage

The research, however, shows that most relationships do survive in the long-run as problems can be solved. Follow Aaron Bandler on Twitter bandlersbanter. View the discussion thread. Here are seven reasons why.

According to Swaity, children of divorce "are affected by it forever":