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Moon in Sagittarius Man — Discover his Behavior in Love & Relationships! What he Expects from Girlfriend? Aspects of the Planets in Astrology Report. In fact, a good conflict is invigorating for Lunar Arians. ​. Men with this placement are attractive to aggressive, independent, passionate women. They love a “guy's” girl; someone who loves sports, adventure, and who is low-maintenance. ​. Moon in Taurus: As an Earth sign, Lunar Taureans need physical proof of love from. 28 Apr If the Moon is, as I have already written, tenderness, forgiveness, care, dreams and the pure emotion of love, then positioned in Sagittarius he is all of that the opportunity for a wealthy marriage for the sake of love for a pure and noble man, as Shakespeare wrote in “Hamlet”, as if he wrote about this Moon.

Zodiac Compatibility 1, Views. Moon in Sagittarius are bright and optimistic. Open-minded and friendly, your friends and lovers are assured that they get what they see. A good friend and lover, your easy-going attitude endears you to many, but they stay for the respect you give them.

Moon sign Sagittarius is easy going and adventurous, life loving person. Sagittarius moon value humor, sincerity and honesty above other aspects in a relationship. Not many other zodiac signs can take the truth. Sagittarius is a Fire sign. Hence you are also passionate, idealistic and creative. Naturally, you like to be free and experience the world as it changes. Moon Sagittarius you are not materialistic, preferring to have a good experience over an expensive trinket.

Moon In Sagittarius Man In Love love to travel and see how the world will affect your choice of potential partners, as you want someone to share those experiences with. Sagittarius moon sign, you go here not take yourself and life too seriously.

You are fun to be around, even though you can lack tact sometimes. You value freedom and independence, which may deter certain Moon signs as you are not commitment ready until you find the One. You are best with Moon signs that are as adventurous as you are, and not afraid to be self-sufficient, because you do not like babying people. Moon Sagittarius, you value equality, and you are open about your emotions to a point on lacking social niceties and empathy.

Moon in Sagittarius

You have no time for those who are melancholic. Often you will tell them to snap out of it. Your bluntness may offend, but you are too tactless to realize that. You are always upbeat and cheerful, and have no time to feel down or sorry for yourself.

You can be impatient, not wanting to spend time to develop something long term. So you will need someone who can look after that aspect of life.

You are both spontaneous and intuitive people who love a good adventure. Sagittarius, you and Moon Aries are independent, enthusiastic and have a love for a good adventure. You are both rather blunt, you and Moon in Aries have a competitive streak that spices things up. Emotionally, Sagittarius moon, you like to compartmentalize your feelings into positive and negative boxes.

Aries Moon do not like to get told how to feel, but you often use humor to lighten the mood.

Moon in Sagittarius - Traits

You and Moon Sagittarius enjoy a good intellectual sparring, and you feel comfortable with each other. Both of you value individual freedom, not to be tied down by your partner.

Moon Aries might be bossy at times, but Sagittarius you is quite assertive as well. You have met one of your compatible matches in Moon Aries. This is a suitable moon sign compatibility for marriage that allows you both to be individual in a couple relationship. Work or romance, this coupling is ideal as you both challenge each other to be better. Sagittarius, you love, adventure and you are naturally curious. Moon Taurus prefers familiarity and a steady routine.

Aries Tarot Card link: They move fast and walk fast, so get in shape or you will have trouble keeping up! A man with moon in Sagittarius excels best at sporty tasks.

You are both essentially people with different needs. You might be attracted to each other initially, as you are both generous people, and you both do not hold much grudges. You may feel that Taurus Moon do not appreciate your plans, while the bull thinks that you are ignoring article source present and facts for a dream.

Moon in Taurus can also feel threatened by your restlessness and need to travel, and you find them stifling and resistant to changes. You are opposite zodiac personality wise, and your needs vary so much you need to compromise.

For this zodiac compatibility to work, Sagittarius you have to learn to slow down, allowing Moon Taurus to feel some harmony. Moon Taurus could learn how to understand your dreams for the future, and accept them as part of who you are.

There is much to compromise for Moon In Sagittarius Man In Love partnership to flourish, as you are not compatible Moon Signs. When times are good Sagittarius you and Moon Gemini are quite compatible.

You have get along well, because your base needs coincide. You both love freedom, you are curious people who loves excitement. Otherwise your playful manner will see you both travelling to exotic places and seeing new things. Moon in Gemini can fuel your passion of freedom and adventure, and you can keep Gemini interested in a romantic partnership.

Moon In Sagittarius Man In Love

A win-win situation for both parties. You and Gemini Moon are compatible enough that a romance relationship needs little effort to maintain, and will last a long time. Sagittarius, you and Moon Cancer are different in temperaments and personality, hence you rub each other the wrong way. This friendship compatibility or romantic relationship may be severely tested by your differences, as you have different needs and expectations.

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Moon in Cancer needs to feel close to someone, which Sagittarius you may find clingy. Cancer Moon sign is sentimental, you like shiny new things. You like dreaming about the future, but Cancer is attached to the past. Essentially you are Sun, while Cancer is the Moon of this relationship.

Moon In Sagittarius Man In Love

Sagittarius you may find yourself inhibiting your own needs to accommodate Moon Cancer to make this relationship last. This love compatibility might work if both of you put an effort into it, but you are not really compatible Moon Signs. You enjoy many good times together living and fulfilling life. This is when times are good, but you do have some differences that need addressing. You are more of a wanderer than Moon in Leo, who prefers to have a home to return to, even though Leo loves to travel as well.

Moon in Leo takes offense personally, and this may hurt your happy partnership. The biggest problem is that Moon Leo will not voice discontent due to pride, and you are too tactless to realize the issues. Moon Leo have to accept your wanderlust, or go traveling with you more click. A compromise has to be made for this relationship to become stronger.

You are compatible enough to make it real. Sagittarius, you and Moon in Virgo may be attracted to each other initially due to your differences. Virgo Moon can certainly make dreams become real. But after the honeymoon stage, problems arise. Sagittarius, you are an idealist and optimist; while Virgo is practical and more conservative.

Moon Virgo loves order and precision, and will stick to budget or plan, Sagittarius you may find it impossible to follow. You do not like to organize things and handle practical matters.

You prefer spontaneity, which Moon Virgo finds this annoying. You might struggle to make this relationship work, Moon Virgo and you work differently. But, if you do, this partnership will benefit Moon In Sagittarius Man In Love both of you: Moon Virgo can make your plans come true, while you can learn how to plan for the future. This is a Sagittarius moon compatibility that is worth working hard for, even if you are not very compatible Moon Signs.

Sagittarius, you and Moon Libra get along well, because you are tolerant people who love socializing. Both of you also like equality, but Moon Libra insists on it more than you do. A good start to friendship or Moon In Sagittarius Man In Love good business relationshipit is easy to move on to a romance relationship with good times. Moon in Libra requires more affection than you may be willing to give, with Moon Sagittarius in rule. You do not mind whisking off alone for an adventure, but Moon Libra needs a more constant companion.

Libra Moon will not confront you, to avoid any potential conflicts. It is up to you Sagittarius, to address any issues that may arise diplomatically.

On the other hand, these are also the days of family gatherings, joint outings, dinners, trips, contacts with foreigners or those who live somewhere far away are intensified, and the TV — the window to this world of dreams will not be turned off. Bring up emotions and poof! The Sun is all about who you are and the parts of yourself you share with everyone.

You may have to learn how to be tactful when it comes to Moon in Libra. You are compatible enough, but this Sagittarius moon sign compatibility needs some work. Moon Libra will always want to keep peace in the partnership, but you have to make concessions to even out the scale. Sagittarius you and Moon Scorpio are different emotionally, which may be the killing blow of this love relationship.

Hence you both might struggle to keep this relationship alive romantically. For work partnerships, you might be able to work together if certain differences are settled. Optimistic and light are words to describe you. Moon Scorpio is a careful and suspicious person who can become dark. You like socializing and having good times. Scorpio Moon is private and does tend to brood.

They can be overly attached to loved ones, which can make them possessive. Sagittarius you have need to be free, and will fight with Scorpio, or take off without warning.

Romantically, this Sagittarius moon sign relationship seems doomed. But if you are both willing to work, this partnership may still work.