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17 Mar So here they are, fifteen of the greatest insults currently found on the Urban Dictionary. Don't blame me for telling you that these words exist I'm just the messenger! Besides, I don't need your negatons, dudes. Not one bit. You might also like: 15 Totally Funny Definitions in the Urban Dictionary. Find and save ideas about Funny insulting names on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Animals doing funny things, Funniest dog names and Look alikes funny. 26 Feb These one word insult or insulting name are perfekt for a quick and easy way to insult somebody. They are easy to remember and simple to deliver.

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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Reddit, what is your favorite funny yet insulting name to call someone? Me and my bro call each other "Django" like " whatsap ma' django? Hmmm hard choice between Ass taxi and Jizz Magician You know because they make jizz disappear.

Big League — Does he dwarf you with his size? Lately though I'm just fond of calling people buttplug. Have a browse through the Profanisaurus E.

My brother often calls people Charles after Charles Dickens, quite funny really because no one ever gets it. It's surprising how many people have no clue what that word means But than again, I live in the Deep South.

Not really insulting at least imo but when someone's being on a high horse I call them princess regardless of gender. We're roasting a pig for the wedding, and a close family friend in her side suggested it ceremonially be given as part of a dowry to her traditional Chinese parents.

Pussy fart Chode and my favorite Anal discharge of otherwise assulted butthole. Ok, but the term is offensive to people who you DON'T say it to as well, in this case only straight women and gay men though. It's like if I called someone gay as an insult. Do you really not get this, or are you being intentionally obtuse?

I can never tell on Reddit.

I just think this is the funniest situation that i've ever hear, and i think it's even funnier now that i know that you're dead serious.

The irony is unbelievable. You want to be able to insult people yet not have them insulted by the homosexual connotations which don't even really exist by introducing a word that will universally insult women. Ok, you still don't understand the point here. Yes the person being insulted is going to be insulted, that's obviously the point.


The problem is that these insults are almost always comparing the intended target say the insultee Funny Mean Names To Call Your Boyfriend someone or something else. This creates another level of insult by comparing the insultee who we can assume is a real asshole with anyone else who might choose to suck a cock from time to time therefor making them also technically a cocksucker.

We weren't trying to "insult people yet not have them insulted So we balanced it out by making sure that everyone was equally insulted all the time. And no, of course i'm not "dead serious". Obviously the entire thing is tongue in cheek. But i have to ask, why do you assume that the word cuntstuffer would universally insult women any more than cocksucker would universally insult men?

My brother and I started doing this years ago and somehow it evolved into calling each other actual first names other than our own, but with an insulting tone. Cinnamon Bun — Are his buns extra sweet? Anything vulgar plus "wad" is solid; phlegmwad, taintwad, GlennBeckwad. Calling him waffle or chiquito will fit him as well. No matter what, you can always count on him.

I don't follow your logic. That's the only was to insult someone silly! Try thinking of a legitimate insult that isn't derogatory to some other group, one word insults are designed to be metaphors, they compare you to a group that society percieves as bad with the purpose of offending you.

Funny Mean Names To Call Your Boyfriend

By that logic, you can't call people Retards insults actually mental retardsDickheads insults people born with penises attatched to their heads, or connotates that penises being near mouthes are bad, reinforcing a cultural homophobia.

Asshole is derogatory to homosexuals and people who think of the asshole as sexual, reinforcing the cultural phobia click assholes and subsequently homophobia. Derogatory to women because it is implying that a vagina is a bad thing. Find me one word that i can't deconstruct like this.

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My suggestion to you would be to abandon all bad words, Funny Mean Names To Call Your Boyfriend they all have negative connotations and supposedly are derogatory to larger groups if you are an over-zealous politically correct idiot, and either tailor insults to a person specifically although anything you say can be turned into a "derogatory term". If you said "Your breath really stinks", it would be insensitive to those who have dental issues and can't help their breath, so you may as well abandon insulting completely, since there's nothing you can say to a single person that wouldn't hurt the feelings of an entire group.

It's weird how you're willing to insult a person, but not a group of people, how about you stop being a "cunt" arrest me, thought police and either be nice or accept that all insults have collateral damage. Cause you said you could deconstruct any insult to make it offensive to a person other the person it was directed to, I'm just curious Twatwaffle and I totally stole "weapons-grade douchebag" from last week's Hell's Kitchen, too.

There's this guy in my class who is cocky about being a football player he's a defensive back but he barely plays my school won state champions and everybody in the football team got dollar rings he was showing it of and it said DB on it I got mad and said what does that stand for defensive bench and the class laughed so hard.

Within the circle of my closest friends, being called a "gaping cunt" is a term of endearment. I call people 'plebs' purely because it sounds funny is only genuinely meant as an insult if you're very posh.

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This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Mine is douche canoe. Want to add to the discussion? Is "Shitlord" something that the SRS here says often? Or sabrina the teenage bitch.

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Being mormon, this is even more comical. Yeah, I made that up on the spot.

Funny Mean Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Only the dumbest of tools don't understand. She's not too happy about this.